Dua Lipa in 'Training Season' music video, released February 15
Dua Lipa's 'Training Season' Review

With 'Training Season,' Dua Lipa has us dancing again as though we've just experienced music for the first time.

usher and H.E.R performing for Superbowl Halftime
Halftime Review: Usher's Star-Studded Super Bowl LVIII Performance with Alicia Keys, Ludacris, Lil Jon, H.E.R., and

Usher's Super Bowl LVIII halftime included hits like "Yeah!" with Lil Jon and Ludacris, "My Boo" with Alicia Keys, and performances featuring H.E.R. and

Lolo Zouai wearing pink goggles on the cover of "Crying in The Car Wash"
Lolo Zouaï 'Crying in the Carwash': EP Review

Lolo Zouaï's latest album, "Crying in the Carwash," comes in the wake of her departure from her label, with songs like "Encore," "How to Love," "Ice Cube," "Lava Lamp," and the title track, which have quickly become regulars on our replay queue for their emotional honesty and narrative allure.

Natalie Jane 'Where Am I?' album cover
Natalie Jane 'Where Am I?': EP Review

Natalie Jane's 'Where Am I' unfolds as a musical diary of a young heart navigating a heartbreak, with Jane's emotive voice and introspective lyrics painting a vivid narrative of love's highs and lows.

Red Velvet 'Chill Kill' Album Cover
Red Velvet 'Chill Kill': Album Review

After a four-year hiatus, Red Velvet makes a triumphant return with "Chill Kill," an album that's been eagerly awaited by fans and critics alike. This 33-minute masterpiece marks a significant comeback, showcasing their evolution during their time away.

BABYMONSTER 'Batter Up' music video
BABYMONSTER 'Batter Up' Review: Swing and a Miss

BABYMONSTER's debut single 'Batter Up' fails to hit a home run for YG Entertainment, drawing criticism for its lack of originality despite the diverse and talented lineup.

The Kid LAROI "THE FIRST TIME" album cover art
The Kid LAROI's 'THE FIRST TIME': Album Review

In "THE FIRST TIME," released on November 10th, The Kid Laroi explores the tumultuous waves of romance with 'WHERE DO YOU SLEEP?' and considers the complexities of reigniting a past relationship in 'TOO MUCH'. Despite their effort, the tracks fall short, not quite achieving the profound exploration they set out for.

aespa "drama" mini album's cover art
Aespa Brings 'Drama': Mini-Album Review

In "Drama," aespa's fourth mini-album, the group delivers a whirlwind 22 minutes of sonic experimentation, blending punchy electro-pop with elements of hip-hop across seven distinct tracks. Their latest release, "Drama," takes listeners on a daring journey, showcasing their robust vocal talents and mix of genres. But the question remains: do we need more drama?

Wyatt Flores' 'Life Lessons' Album cover art
Wyatt Flores: Strumming Through 'Life Lessons' - Album Review

Wyatt Flores delivers a heartland truth in his latest EP "Life Lessons," offering up a soul-stirring blend of raw confessionals and anthemic choruses that echo with the rhythm of lived experience. With haunting candor and irresistible hooks, tracks like "Orange Bottles" and "Astronaut" showcase Flores's uncanny ability to transform personal struggle into universal storytelling. "Life Lessons" is raw, reflective, and utterly resonant

PinkPantheress and a white dove on a cover of "Heaven Knows" album
PinkPantheress' 'Heaven Knows' Album Review

"Heaven Knows" showcases PinkPantheress's progression from TikTok virality to a mature, eclectic artist, fusing genres from UK garage to drum-n-bass across a compact yet impactful 13 tracks. The record's energetic leap from online curiosity to enduring artistry is best encapsulated in the anthemic and flawless collaboration "Boy's a Liar Pt. 2" with Ice Spice, a vivid send-off that captures the essence of PinkPantheress’s musical and cultural ascendancy.

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