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Dear Reader

PEGGY, 'Dear Reader' EP Review

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April 28, 2024

PEGGY explores themes of mental health, resilience, and self-love through poetic storytelling and powerful vocals, creating a compelling indie-pop experience with her 'DEAR READER' EP.


eggy Owens, known professionally as PEGGY, is an emerging American indie-pop musician who has garnered significant attention in the music industry. Her career soared in 2021 with the viral success of her debut single "FICTIONAL MEN," now boasting over 15 million plays on Spotify.

Released on April 26, 2024, PEGGY's debut EP "DEAR READER" features a blend of new tracks like "FLIGHT RISK" and "30 SECOND LOVE STORY" along with previously released singles "MESS" and "ALICE." The EP showcases PEGGY's talent as an enchanting storyteller who adeptly weaves whimsical and deeply personal themes, challenging traditional fairy tale narratives with a self-reliant protagonist who embraces her individuality with no hiding her flaws rather than falling into victim state and passively waiting for a prince charming in order to be saved.

The opening track, "FEMININE RAGE," is dynamic, blending elements of rock with profound lyrical depth drawn from classic literature. It challenges listeners to reconsider the narratives of female villains, traditionally overshadowed by male perspectives: "Each version of the story / Feels like men get all the glory."

"ALICE' continues to impress with its crowd-pleasing appeal, evidenced by over 7 million Spotify streams. In "MESS," PEGGY addresses mental health struggles such as ADHD, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, and feeling antisocial, all set to an overly simplistic piano accompaniment with ethereal vocals. Despite the heavy themes, she delivers a hopeful message: 'I'm a mess / But that doesn't make me less than you.

"FLIGHT RISK" explores commitment issues through the metaphor of air travel, while "30 SECOND LOVE STORY" captures the fleeting yet profound moments of connection that define our lives: "Something different something new / Spend my whole life in a moment with you."

Throughout the EP, PEGGY maintains a distinctive style. Her music enhances the lyrical content, creating an immersive experience that is both intimate and expansive.

Rated 8.2/10 by PopFiltr, "DEAR READER" is a compelling debut. PEGGY's innovative approach to songwriting and ability to blend familiar characters with somewhat familiar tunes layered with beautiful harmonies make her a unique voice in contemporary indie-pop. The EP invites listeners into a world where they can find their own meanings and leave with a piece of the magic PEGGY so skillfully creates.

Ready to dive into PEGGY's world? Here are the lyrics for you to sing along.

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