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Standing Next to You

Junk Kook 'Standing Next to You' (Remixes) EP Reviewed

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November 16, 2023

In "Standing Next to You: The Remixes," Jung Kook's artistry glimmers anew with each twist on his hit tune. The Slow Jam Remix soothes with sultry undertones, while the PBR&B version weaves a darker, more intense texture. The Holiday Remix wraps listeners in festive warmth, with the Future Funk just begging to echo through a club's speakers. Harmoniously tying in with his solo reveal, 'Golden', these remixes showcase Jung Kook’s sterling talent for innovation and variety in pop music.


a dazzling expansion of his solo horizons, Jung Kook of BTS has unfurled an array of remixes for his standout track "Standing Next to You" from the debut solo album "Golden". The Remix EP showcases the agility of Jung Kook's musical prowess, bending genres and reimagining the textures of the original piece across seven fresh offerings—each remix flourishing as a distinctive reinterpretation that radiates both exploration and homage.

Let's delve into the elements that make "Standing Next to You: The Remixes" as glittering as the aurora of admiration surrounding the star himself.

Slow Jam Remix

The Slow Jam Remix is like a sensual whisper in a crowded room, catching your attention with its inviting bassline, embedded majestically under Jung Kook’s crooning vocals. The strings confer a regality, tying the knot between the opulent and the laid-back groove. This remix could be envisioned as the equivalent of a timeless leather jacket—classy and always in style. This rendition has the unique capability to sway listener’s moods into a tranquil rhythm that arguably nods to the soulful exchange between artist and fan through the language of music.

PBR&B Remix

Dark, moody, and atmospheric, this blend is a venture into the noir of pop. The pronounced bass and subtle intricacies carve out a new avenue for "Standing Next to You." It's reminiscent of shadowy club corners where emotions run as deep as the bass reverberating off the walls. Jung Kook’s softer tones soar over this richer soundscape, transforming the track into an almost tactile experience. The PBR&B Remix excels in showcasing his ability to adapt to music's darker hues while sustaining his gently piercing vocal impact.

Latin Trap Remix

The Latin Trap Remix is an infectious fusion where rhythmic delight is the order of the day. It resonates with the sensation of summer nights—freewheeling and laced with an urge to dance. Incorporating Afro beats into the dance break, it playfully pivots, presenting an auditory soiree perfect for any celebratory playlist. It’s the kind of track that activates a visceral response to move, to be joyous, and shares an affinity with Jung Kook's own electrifying dance capabilities, as seen in his TikTok challenges.

Holiday Remix

The Holiday Remix is a heartwarming concoction that instantly transports listeners to the coziness of the festive season. The indie pop-infused rendition wraps Jung Kook’s expressive vocals in a blanket of chiming bells and footsteps in the snow. It’s a musical tale that tells a story of year-end wonders and captures the essence of wintry charm. This version does a splendid job of casting Jung Kook as the narrator of a yuletide fairytale, shared fireside with friends and family.

Future Funk Remix

Edgy and dynamic, the Future Funk Remix zigzags through the night like a neon street racer. This rework leaps forward, embedding itself in the vanguard of music trends. With its upbeat tempo and penetrating synth lines, it furnishes an indisputable urge to seize the night feverishly. This embodiment is as modern as it is reflective of funk's excellent lineage, creating an auditory emblem of Jung Kook's tenure on the dynamic performance landscape, particularly reminiscent of his spellbinding act during the 'Dreamers' World Cup performance.

Band Ver.

Offering an up-close experience that echoes the energy of a live show is the Band Version of "Standing Next to You." It's a straight shot of adrenaline, running on the live wires of instrumentation that add layers of vibrancy and authenticity to the original. One might argue that it bridges the gap between the studio and the stage, giving listeners a front-row seat to Jung Kook's compelling showmanship.

Instrumental Version

The inclusion of an instrumental to cap off the remix selections is a masterstroke, gifting listeners an open canvas to appreciate the composition's architecture or even craft their own vocal narratives. It stands as proof of the robust and structurally sound foundation upon which Jung Kook constructs his art.

In this collection of remixes, every listener finds a reflection of Jung Kook’s eclectic tastes and his talent for translation across genre boundaries. "Standing Next to You: The Remixes" materializes as a compelling dedication to the beloved original while each version stakes a claim as its own entity. It's a captivating exploration of sound and a reaffirmation of Jung Kook's place not only in the pulsating heart of pop music but also within the affection of his widespread following.

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