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SZA wearing jeans and jersey with number '15' on a cover of new music friday, february 23 edition
New Music Friday: SZA, Justin Timberlake, Selena Gomez, Bleachers, TWICE, and More...

New Music Friday explores the latest hits with TWICE's vibrant mini-album, Aidan Bissett's "Supernova (Extended)," Kany García & Young Miko's dynamic collaboration, Linkin Park's unreleased treasure, and Jessie Murph's powerful single in our February 23 roundup.

Selena Gomez wearing white lacy dress, surrounded by dancers in 'Love On' music video, released February 22, 2024'Love On' - Selena Gomez Single

"Love On," Selena Gomez's flirty new single, is set against the romantic backdrop of Paris.

Jennifer Lopez on the 'This Is Me... Now, The Tour' PosterJennifer Lopez's Triumphant Return: 'This Is Me...Now' North American Tour Dates

Jennifer Lopez announces her "This Is Me...Now" North American tour, spanning over 30 cities from June to August 2024, in celebration of her ninth studio album and marking her first tour in five years.


Lolo Zouai wearing pink goggles on the cover of "Crying in The Car Wash" Lolo Zouaï 'Crying in the Carwash': EP Review

Lolo Zouaï's latest album, "Crying in the Carwash," comes in the wake of her departure from her label, with songs like "Encore," "How to Love," "Ice Cube," "Lava Lamp," and the title track, which have quickly become regulars on our replay queue for their emotional honesty and narrative allure.

Natalie Jane 'Where Am I?' album cover Natalie Jane 'Where Am I?': EP Review

Natalie Jane's 'Where Am I' unfolds as a musical diary of a young heart navigating a heartbreak, with Jane's emotive voice and introspective lyrics painting a vivid narrative of love's highs and lows.


Tim Cook and Dua Lipa sitting on a red couch for an interview on AI for Dua Lipa: At Your ServiceDua Lipa Interviews Tim Cook on the Future of AI

In a special episode of "Dua Lipa: At Your Service," Dua Lipa engages Apple CEO Tim Cook in a conversation about the pervasive yet often subtle role of AI in technology today, emphasizing its potential for positive change and the need for regulation.

Jung Kook appeared at the tonights show starring Jimmy Fallon on November 6, 2023Jung Kook Discusses 'Seven's' Platinum Success, 'Golden' Insights and Solo Tour on 'The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon

Jung Kook of BTS fame graces 'The Tonight Show' with tales of his chart-topping single 'Seven,' the deep-seated meaning behind his solo album 'Golden,' and a serendipitous nap that captivated millions.


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