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Heaven Knows

PinkPantheress' 'Heaven Knows' Album Review

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November 21, 2023

"Heaven Knows" showcases PinkPantheress's progression from TikTok virality to a mature, eclectic artist, fusing genres from UK garage to drum-n-bass across a compact yet impactful 13 tracks. The record's energetic leap from online curiosity to enduring artistry is best encapsulated in the anthemic and flawless collaboration "Boy's a Liar Pt. 2" with Ice Spice, a vivid send-off that captures the essence of PinkPantheress’s musical and cultural ascendancy.


hen PinkPantheress dropped "Heaven Knows" into the laps of her listeners on November 10, it was as if we were all handed an invitation to the evolution of an artist in real-time. The mystery that once cocooned her—a creator of fleeting but striking viral TikTok tunes—had blossomed into a full-grown spectacle of musical depth and diversity. Across the span of 13 tracks, clocking in just over thirty-four emphatic minutes, PinkPantheress proves she's not here for just a moment; she's here for the long haul, offering an expansive statement that bridges the gap between her deep-seated influences and the course she’s paving in the pop genre.

From the get-go, "Heaven Knows" greets you with a firm, confident shake of the hand and a knowing smile. Opening numbers like "Pain" and "All my friends know" aren't just introductory pleasantries—they're the sonic equivalent of that best friend who throws open the doors to an unforgettable night out. The footprints of UK garage and drum-n-bass show PinkPantheress hasn’t forgotten where she’s come from, but there's an undeniable sheen—a polish and maturity that whispers secrets of the serious artist she’s transmuting into.

Through tracks like “Internet baby,” PinkPantheress flirts with the image we’ve painted of her, only to cheekily upend it. She delivers the refrain “I am not your internet baby” with a nudge and a chuckle, audaciously reminding us that an identity devised through memes and viral moments is not a badge she wears, but instead a skin she’s more than willing to shed.

There's fearlessness in the vulnerability seeping out of songs like "Capable of love," where a guitar gently weeps alongside her as she confesses, "I know I’ll never be as capable of love / After you." It's in those moments, stripped of bravado, that the album carves its initials deep into your soul, laying bare the heartaches and echoes left in the wake of past loves.

"Heaven Knows" is not content to settle into one genre. A prime example is "Another life," where PinkPantheress and Nigerian artist Rema concoct a cross-cultural symphony that nods at the universality of music. Together, they dismantle the idea that creativity is bound by location. Instead, they build bridges with beats and rhythms that celebrate a shared global groove.

The album offers a variety of sounds and styles. "Nice to meet you," with its fusion of Drum 'n' Bass, tabla beats, and Jersey club influences, might seem like a tour through dance music history. Yet, they collectively transform what could be perceived as historical chapters into an inviting playground where PinkPantheress plays host to a never-ending dance party.

Sure, the relentless cadence of the album might leave you gasping for air. A momentary breather within its wall-to-wall bangers could have served as a reflective nook. Nevertheless, "Heaven Knows" spins, drops, and soars with such intoxicating energy that even its overdose is forgivable.

In the confession booth of "Feel complete," we're ushered into the inner sanctum of PinkPantheress's rise, where self-revelation poignantly mingles with palpable aspiration in the form of lyrics that ponder the authenticity of applause and the price of a dream.

Closing the show is "Boy’s a Liar Pt. 2," a collaboration that sees PinkPantheress join forces with Bronx phenom Ice Spice, capturing the essence of this journey. This track is a vivacious send-off—affixing PinkPantheress’s indelible mark on the music scene with a collaboration that's as fiery as it is flawless. It’s evidential of an artist not just meeting expectations, but propelling beyond them with an enduring zeal.

Wrapping up thoughts on "Heaven Knows" is like leaving a vivid conversation that's imprinted itself on you—it's more than deserving of a solid 7 out of 10. There's a spirited defiance to this album, almost as if PinkPantheress is making clear that she’s not just a product of a fleeting digital craze, but a bona fide artist with something enduring to say. With its rich layers and daring blends, the album might very well be the blueprint for how to carve out a legacy after lighting up the charts with viral hits.

This record stands as a vibrant marker in PinkPantheress's career, proving she's got the chops to continue captivating audiences far beyond their phone screens. It feels like we're all aboard a train with her, gazing out as she speeds from online curiosity to enduring artistry. And trust me, it’s a ride we're all eager to stay on for.

"Heaven Knows" tracklist:

  1. Another life (feat. Rema)
  2. True romance
  3. Mosquito
  4. The aisle
  5. Nice to meet you (feat. Central Cee)
  6. Bury mem (feat. Kelela)
  7. Internet baby (interlude)
  8. Ophelia
  9. Feel complete
  10. Blue
  11. Feelings
  12. Capable of love
  13. Boy's a liar Pt. 2
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