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Where Am I?

Natalie Jane 'Where Am I?': EP Review

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December 16, 2023

Natalie Jane's 'Where Am I' unfolds as a musical diary of a young heart navigating a heartbreak, with Jane's emotive voice and introspective lyrics painting a vivid narrative of love's highs and lows.


atalie Jane's "Where Am I" is a 10-track album, released on November 17, with a runtime of 25 minutes and 24 seconds. Functioning as a diary, the album follows the emotional rollercoaster of a breakup.

The album opens with Jane's reflective monologue, establishing a deeply personal tone. "I'm calling it 'Where Am I', because I don't really know where I am in life... I don't know where I am going to go from here... I guess no one really knows," setting the stage for an album that's raw and real.

The album moves onto "Do or Die,” a standout track with its pulsating beat and phenomenal vocals. The lyrics depict the fierce devotion of young love: "Whisper that I am your burning desire / Feeling the heat, now my heart is on fire..." culminating in a chorus with "I'd sacrifice me, myself and I / 'Cause you and you and I, we're do or die.” There is something almost Shakespearean about this track.

As the album progresses, "Mentally Cheating" slows down the tempo and opens with pensive piano, dancing around the theme of emotional infidelity. The ethereal whistle register in the bridge adds a haunting flair to the track's reflective nature. The motif of unfaithfulness is further examined in "Seven," echoing Bishop Briggs' "River" in its assertive tone, vocal strength, and measured beat. The narrative shifts from the fantasy of a new lover to the post-breakup chaos of swift emotional changes: "Was it ever really love if the night that we broke up / Both went out to go hook up / With the one we told each other not to worry about?"

In "seeing you with other girls,” Natalie highlights the innocence of first love and belief in a fairy-tale ending with the question: "Said that I was the first one… Said that I'd be the last one too / Tell me, does that make me naive for believing you?” With a nod to Lana Del Rey's style in the delivery of “naive,” the track showcases Natalie's vocal adaptability, further transitioning from a whisper to a heart-wrenching cry: “Guess I've thought that I'd be more than just a memory.”

Then comes “AVA.” Wow. It's a story of uncovering infidelity, brimming with genuine anguish and a sense of betrayal. The song opens with a soft piano and shy inquiry about the other girl in question, which later transforms into agonizing doubt: "So why is there a red heart next to her name?”

"If You Died Today" is probably the most emotionally intense track on the album. It ponders the enduring impact of a past relationship, articulating deep feelings of loss and separation: "But if you died today, my life wouldn't change / 'Cause you haven't been in it since the night you walked away / Would your mother call? Would I even know at all? / Even though we're strangers now, I know my heart would break." A moving track embellished with the simplicity of piano in the opening, joined by beautiful strings and drums in the second verse.

"Torture" reveals a more audacious side of Natalie Jane. The electronic backdrop perfectly complements the expression of anger and newfound empowerment post-breakup: "She likes your tattoo, the one I drew. If only she knew, I got one too (Ha)" followed by "I got you tied up, oh, look at that (Look at that) / It’s not the good kind, more like you're trapped / Awake all night, like you're buried alive / And I toss the flower on your grave, they warm you way just fine, ha."

"I Am Her" introduces a distinctive mix of dance beats and choral harmonies, the cocktail of betrayal, pain, and tears sprinkled with karmic justice. The lyrics underscore a newfound fortitude, marking a significant departure from the album's earlier depressing mood.

The album culminates with "Intrusive Thoughts," a song about overthinking that has resonated with fans for its relatable lyrics and impeccable vocals. "What if I get to heaven, and it's not even real / And I die before telling you how I really feel / 'Cause it feels like hell and I just can't help but think / Maybe love's not for me." Returning to acoustic piano and heartfelt lyrics, this track is a candid expression of self-doubt. With the addition of a cello in the second verse, the message sends shivers through the body…

Natalie Jane's "Where Am I" connects with anyone navigating the uncertainties of life and love. Showcasing Jane's remarkable vocal talent and her capacity to express deep emotions through music at just 18 years old (at the time of the album's writing), “Where Am I?” earns a rating of 8 out of 10 from PopFiltr. “Where Am I?” is a solid debut entry from Natalie Jane, which leaves us eagerly anticipating what her second album will bring.

Natalie Jane 'Where Am I?' Track List:

1. Where Am I?

2. Do or Die

3. Mentally Cheating

4. Seven

5. seeing you with other girls

6. AVA

7. If You Died Today

8. Torture

9. I'm Her

10. Intrusive Thoughts

Natalie Jane 'Where Am I?' YouTube Stream:

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