Nicki Minaj on the cover of Pink Friday 2 Album, released December 8
New Music Friday

New Music Friday: Nicki Minaj, J Balvin, Tate McRae, Alexander Stewart, the Killers and More...

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December 8, 2023

On December 8th, 'New Music Friday' features Nicki Minaj, who makes a striking return with "Pink Friday 2" and Tate McRae's "THINK LATER". Colombian rhythms are redefined in J Balvin's "Amigos," and Libianca brings a soulful mix with "Walk Away" EP. Canadian beats meet U.S. pop in Loud Luxury and charlieonnafriday's "Young & Foolish," and Green Day adds a touch of American punk rock with "Dilemma."


ew Music Friday, December 8th Edition, unveils a set of fresh albums and singles. Today, Nicki Minaj reignites the rap scene with her dynamic "Pink Friday 2," while Tate McRae's "THINK LATER" reflects a matured pop sensibility. Alexander Stewart debuts with his emotive EP "If You Only Knew."  In the Latin music scene, Peso Pluma and Anitta spice things up with "BELLAKEO," while HEALTH's "RAT WARS" offers a bold new direction in noise rock.

Fred again, Baby Keem, 'leavemealine'

Fred Again, the Grammy-nominated producer, has teamed up with the dynamic rapper and producer Baby Keem to create the latest single, "leavemealone." Baby Keem, who contributed to the "Black Panther" movie soundtrack and produced tracks for Schoolboy Q and Beyonce’s "The Lion King: The Gift," brings a unique energy to the track.

Nicki Minaj, 'Pink Friday 2'

Nicki Minaj has once again captivated the music world with her latest album, "Pink Friday 2." This album marks a triumphant return for Minaj, who has been a dominant force in the industry since her debut in 2010. "Pink Friday 2" serves as a sequel to her debut album, "Pink Friday," and showcases her evolution as an artist over the past decade. The album, featuring collaborations with artists like J. Cole and Lil Wayne, blends hip hop and pop rap, creating a dynamic and engaging listening experience.

Peso Pluma, Anitta, 'BELLAKEO'

Peso Pluma, an artist known for his contribution in the subgenre known as trap corridos, has collaborated with Brazilian singer Anitta on a new reggaeton single titled "Bellakeo." Anitta, a prominent figure in the Brazilian music scene, brings her unique flair to the track, which is about yearning for seduction. "Bellakeo" comes on the heels of Anitta’s "Funk Generation: A Favela Love Story" EP and Peso Pluma's chart-topping hits, including his Grammy-nominated album "Genésis."


Canadian singer-songwriter Tate McRae, at just 20 years old, has released her second studio album, "THINK LATER," a follow-up to her 2022 album "I Used to Think I Could Fly." Released through RCA Records, this album reflects McRae's growth as an artist, both in terms of musical style and lyrical maturity. Co-executive produced by Ryan Tedder, the album features singles like "Greedy" and "Exes."

Green Day, 'Dilemma'

Green Day, the iconic American punk rock band, has released a new single titled "Dilemma," a deeply personal and powerful track from their upcoming 14th album, "Saviors." Set to be released on January 19, 2024, "Dilemma" follows the band's previous 2023 singles "The American Dream Is Killing Me" and "Look Ma, No Brains!" Frontman Billie Joe Armstrong reveals that "Dilemma" was inspired by the struggles many of their peers face with addiction and mental illness.

Alexander Stewart, 'if you only knew'

Emerging artist Alexander Stewart has made a notable entry with his EP "If You Only Knew." This project, characterized by its emotional depth and Stewart's compelling vocal delivery, marks his first significant foray into the music industry. The EP, which includes tracks like "i wish you cheated" and "he never will".

J Balvin, 'Amigos'

Colombian singer J Balvin, a prominent figure in the reggaeton music scene, debuted his new single "Amigos" on "The Tonight Show." Known for his unique blend of reggaeton and R&B, Balvin performed the song amidst a snowy backdrop, evoking the music video's cold weather theme inspired by "The Revenant." "Amigos" is a reflection of Balvin's recent experiences, including becoming a father and his journey in music after his last LP, "Jose," released in 2021.

The Killers, 'Rebel Diamond'

"Rebel Diamonds" is a compilation of The Killers' greatest hits, celebrating two decades of their influential presence in the rock music scene. Notably, "Rebel Diamonds" includes a new track titled "Spirit," which seamlessly integrates with the band's iconic hits like "Mr. Brightside" and "When You Were Young."


Duki, an Argentine rapper and singer, is known for his significant impact on the Latin trap scene, presented a new addition to his discography 'CALL ME MAYBE'


HEALTH, an American noise rock band formed in 2005, known for their experimental and industrial sound. 'RAT WARS' represents a significant evolution in their dicography being described as the heaviest and most genre-defying work of their career. "RAT WARS" captures the intense and often chaotic experience of contemporary life, drawing comparisons to iconic albums like "The Downward Spiral."

Blessd, SOG, 'Hagale Pues'

Blessd, a rising star in the Latin music scene, has teamed up with SOG to release their new single "Hágale Pues." Released on December 6, 2023, this track showcases Blessd's unique blend of reggaeton and urban music


Norwegian-Filipino singer-songwriter Clinton Kane has released his EP "AND ALL I LOVED, I LOVED ALONE." At 23 years old, Kane has already made a name for himself with his emotive songwriting and soulful voice. Each of the five tracks in "AND ALL I LOVED, I LOVED ALONE" is infused with a sense of rawness and vulnerability.

Loud Luxury, charlieonnafriday, 'Young & Foolish'

Loud Luxury, the Canadian DJ duo known for their electrifying electronic music, has collaborated with the rising U.S. pop act charlieonnafriday to release their new single "Young & Foolish." "Young & Foolish" features a strong beat and heaps of crossover potential, with recognizable lyrics performed by charlieonnafriday.

Avenoir, 'NOIRE' EP

"NOIRE" is Avenoir's debut EP and a significant offering to the audience before the year ends. This EP is a culmination of Avenoir's ideas and experiences, eagerly anticipated by fans and followers.

MEDUZA, Ferreck Dawn, Clementine Douglas, 'I Got Nothing'

MEDUZA, Ferreck Dawn, and Clementine Douglas have joined forces to create a stunning new track titled "I Got Nothing". This collaboration is a perfect blend of each artist's unique style, combining MEDUZA's spacious and celestial production aesthetic with Ferreck Dawn's innate house sensibilities and Clementine Douglas's soaring vocals. "I Got Nothing" brings hints of 00’s nostalgia offset by tougher elements, making it a standout house collaboration for 2023.

salem iles, 'High Concept' (Deluxe)

Salem Ilese, an American singer-songwriter, has released Deluxe edition of her album "High Concept", originally presented on September 15, 2023. The Deluxe version includes four additional tracks that were not part of the original release: "Taylor Made," a song Ilese wrote the day Taylor Swift joined TikTok, "Can Of Hurt" and "Whiplash," and "Don't Shop When You're Hungry," which features Vault Boy in the original album but is presented without him in the Deluxe version.

NLE Choppa, 'Shotta Flow 7'

NLE Choppa's "Shotta Flow 7" marks the final installment of his acclaimed "Shotta Flow" series. "Shotta Flow 7" interpolates the original's piano chords, providing a fitting conclusion to the nearly five-year-old series. The song is produced by Superstar O, Tay Keith, and Project X.

Lolo Zouaï, 'Crying in the Carwash' EP

French-American songstress Lolo Zouaï has released her debut independent EP, "Crying in the Carwash." The EP, featuring five tracks, blends her reflective songwriting with dynamic R&B vocals and infectious beats.

Diplo, Maren Moris, '42'

Diplo and Maren Morris have collaborated on a new track titled "42," released amidst a challenging period for Diplo due to recent allegations against him. Despite the controversy, the song, co-written by Ryan Tedder, marks Maren Morris's latest venture into pure pop music.

Libianca, 'Walk Away' EP

U.S.-based Cameroonian singer and songwriter Libianca has released her highly anticipated debut EP titled "Walk Away." This six-track EP showcases Libianca's unique blend of soulful melodies and introspective lyrics. It includes her previously released hit songs "People" and "Jah," along with collaborations with notable artists such as Blaqbonez, Moliy, Oxlade, and Chlöe.

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