Alexander Stewart in support of 'if you only knew' EP released December 8
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Alexander Stewart's EP 'If You Only Knew' is Out and It Melts Our Hearts

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December 9, 2023

On December 6, emerging artist Alexander Stewart unveiled his highly anticipated EP 'if you only knew,' and we can't get enough of it.


lexander Stewart, emerging songwriter and singer, unveiled his EP "if you only knew" on December 8, marking a significant phase in his evolving career.

Stewart's musical journey commenced with posting covers on YouTube in 2015. His early endeavors in music laid the groundwork for what has become a promising career trajectory. His initial single, "Enamorado," released in early May 2018, hinted at the depth and personal nature of his music that would be fully realized in his work.

The EP "if you only knew" is a compelling collection of songs that explore themes of mental health, loneliness, and the need for empathy and understanding. The title track, "if you only knew," in particular, showcases Stewart's ability to articulate complex emotions, resonating deeply with his audience. This connection is further evidenced by his significant achievements across various platforms. Notably, Stewart secured the #2 spot on TikTok’s 2023 The Hitmakers list as the second most viewed artist in Canada. His track "i wish you cheated" initiated a viral TikTok campaign, garnering over 45 million views and achieving over 37 million global streams. His impact is further highlighted by over 300 million global streams, 300 million views on YouTube, and 125 million likes on TikTok.

In addition to these achievements, Alexander Stewart has made significant appearances on popular late-night TV shows, including "Late Night with Seth Meyers" and "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon."

Stay tuned for the 'if you only knew' EP review.

Alexander Stewart, 'if you only knew' Track List:

1. i wish you cheated

2. drunk thought

3. knowing you exist

4. october

5. he never will

6. if you only knew

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