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Rising Star Tate McRae Unveils 'Think Later'

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December 8, 2023

Tate McRae, the 20-year-old pop sensation, has released her vibrant sophomore album 'Think Later', showcasing a significant evolution from her previous introspective style. The album, featuring the hit single "Greedy," blends dynamic pop production with heartfelt reflections, solidifying McRae's rising status in the pop music world.


ate McRae, the 20-year-old pop prodigy, has released her sophomore album 'Think Later', marking a significant evolution from the introspective tone of her debut album. The album showcases McRae's transformation into a pop savant, blending sharp pop production with raw reflections on love and heartache. Its lead single, "Greedy," has already made a splash, bridging the gap between TikTok fame and mainstream chart success.

McRae's performance of "Greedy" on "Saturday Night Live" on November 18, just two days after the release of her music video for “Exes,” along with her subsequent appearance at the Billboard Music Awards, have solidified her status as a rising star in the pop world. Despite facing accusations of being an 'industry plant', McRae's journey from posting dance videos on YouTube at age 11 to her current success is a testament to her dedication and hard work.

'Think Later' represents a rebirth for McRae. Moving away from the somber tone of her previous work, the album introduces a more vibrant pop sound. The opening track, "Cut My Hair," sets the tone for this transformation, as McRae expresses a desire to move beyond the 'sad girl' persona. The creation of 'Think Later' was a journey of self-discovery for McRae, who moved to Los Angeles from Calgary at 17 and struggled to find her voice amidst the noise of the music industry.

Drawing inspiration from early 2000s culture, Tate McRae and her team, including OneRepublic's Ryan Tedder as executive producer, worked to refine her vision. 'Think Later' balances upbeat tracks like "Guilty Conscience" with more reflective songs such as "Plastic Palm Trees" and "Calgary," showcasing McRae's versatility.

McRae's journey from a YouTube dancer to a mainstream pop artist has been marked by her commitment to her artistry and her desire to control her narrative in the industry. With 'Think Later', she aims to bring a fresh perspective to the music scene, emphasizing the importance of music videos and performance art in her creative process. The "Greedy" music video has garnered nearly 50 million views in just two months, and McRae is set to embark on a tour in 2024, including a headlining performance at New York City's Madison Square Garden.

Stay tuned for "Think Later' review.

Tate McRae 'Think Later' Track List:

1. cut my hair

2. greedy

3. run for the hills

4. hurt my feelings

5. grave

6. stay done

7. exes

8. we're not alike

9. calgary

10. messier

11. think later

12. guilty consience

13. want that too

14. plastic palm trees

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