Selena Gomez wearing white lacy dress, surrounded by dancers in 'Love On' music video, released February 22, 2024
Love On

'Love On' - Selena Gomez Single

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February 22, 2024

"Love On," Selena Gomez's flirty new single, is set against the romantic backdrop of Paris.


elena Gomez has officially unveiled her latest single "Love On," coupled with a Parisian-inspired music video, amidst a flurry of anticipation and signaling a potentially transformative phase in her music career. This track serves as Gomez's first release of 2024, further stoking excitement for her forthcoming album SG3.

Selena Gomez wearing bright pink dress and a bow, holding a puppy in a "Love On" music video
Selena Gomez, scene from 'Love On' music video

Produced by the Monsters & Strangerz and Isaiah Tejada, "Love On" is celebrated for its flirty undertones and evocative lyrics that paint a vivid picture of a budding romance set against the backdrop of Paris. Lyrics such as “Why are we conversing over this steak tartare/When we can be somewhere other than here making out in the back of a car?” not only spotlight Gomez’s poetic strength but also her ability to transport listeners straight to the enchanting streets of the City of Love. The tune’s embodiment of romantic essence is further amplified by its visually engaging music video, which captures the singer's purported affinity for the French capital and integrates it seamlessly into the theme of new love.

Selena Gomez surrounded by dancers in "Love On" music video
Selena Gomez in "Love On" music video

Gomez's trajectory in the music realm has been nothing short of remarkable. Following her 2020 album "Rare" and the Spanish-language EP "Revelación," "Love On" hints at a continuing exploration of sonic landscapes and personal narratives. Interestingly, the artist has hinted that her upcoming album might be her last as she pivots to focus on other projects. This pivot doesn't mean slowing down, as she remains immersed in several endeavors outside the music industry—her role in Hulu’s "Only Murders in the Building" secured her a nomination for a Golden Globe and her upcoming participation in the biopic of Linda Ronstadt and a musical titled "Emilia Perez," highlight her versatile talent.

Selena Gomez dressed in a robe and jewelry, eating croissant in a luxury coastal hotel
Selena Gomez, "Love On" official video

"Love On" not only marks Gomez's reentry into the music scene but also seems to be a milestone reflecting personal growth and happiness. The track's release is intertwined with revelations of her relationship with Benny Blanco, with whom she frequently shares endearing moments on social media. This piéce de résistance encapsulates a blend of romantic fantasy and personal triumph, underpinned by Gomez's undeniable talent and her evolving narrative that fans are eager to follow.

The single smartly leverages a sneak peek strategy, employing a teaser filled with public displays of affection (PDA)—ironically, all but Gomez—eliciting curiosity and engagement from her formidable fan base. The French voiceover in the teaser adds a layer of authenticity and immersion into the Parisian theme that Gomez aims to convey through her music and visuals.

'Love On' Music Video:

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