Selena Gomez showcases a diamond ring amidst Benny Blanco romance
Selena + Benny

Selena Gomez Confirms Relationship with Benny Blanco and Flaunts Sparkling Ring Adorned with B

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December 8, 2023

Selena Gomez, the renowned pop sensation, has recently taken to social media to confirm her relationship with a record producer Benny Blanco. Gomez also showcased a dazzling new ring, sparking widespread speculation and excitement among fans. The ring, adorned with a sparkling 'B', hints at the deepening bond between the couple, further igniting interest in this high-profile romance.


a revelation capturing the attention of fans and media alike, Selena Gomez, the acclaimed 31-year-old singer, has confirmed her new relationship with 35-year-old record producer Benny Blanco. This confirmation comes amidst Gomez's introspective comments on her past relationships, igniting a mix of support and speculation among her followers.

Gomez, celebrated for her openness and authenticity, has often found her personal life under the media spotlight. Her history of high-profile relationships, including The Weeknd, Nick Jonas, Zedd, and notably, Justin Bieber, has been a subject of public fascination and scrutiny.

The confirmation of her relationship with Blanco emerged in an unexpected yet direct manner. On December 4, the Instagram account @popfactions posted about Gomez's “seemingly” confirmed relationship with Blanco. Gomez herself responded in the comments with a simple, “Facts,” on December 7. This interaction was a clear affirmation from the singer herself, dispelling any remaining speculation. Adding to this, Gomez shared a photo on her Instagram Stories a couple of hours later, featuring herself with a man resembling Blanco, further solidifying the confirmation.

Selena Gomez confirms relationship with Benny Blanco

But, the story did not end there. Gomez took an active stance in defending her new relationship on various fan accounts. In response to some followers who questioned Blanco's suitability for her, Gomez expressed her affection and confidence in her partner, describing Blanco as “the best thing that's ever happened to me" and “better than anyone I've been with.” Her comments, filled with emotion and conviction, included statements like, “He is my absolute everything in my heart.” But she didn't stop there. Some of the more questionable replies to fan's comments included: “oh sweetheart. I’ve been in therapy since I was 18. I know what’s best for me and I will fight till I get what I deserve. I appreciate your misguided input but Im’ growing. Don’t feel free to grow with me just know I’m not going to be with a f***boy ever again. Sorry to disappoint.” followed by “lol oh sweet girl. So off”.

The intensity of Gomez's defense, however, led to mixed reactions among her fanbase. Some fans expressed concern over the tone of her replies, with speculations whether her account was hacked. Phrases like “free Selena” appeared in the thread, suggesting that her responses may have been made under pressure or duress.

Selena Gomez responses to fans on Benny Blanco controversy

In a subsequent Instagram story, Gomez addressed her fanbase directly "Just a reminder of how much I appreciate and love each and everyone of you." This message seemed to be an attempt to reassure her followers amidst the whirlwind of reactions to her recent disclosures.

And if the story couldn't get any more intriguing, Selena posted an image showcasing a diamond ring with a sparkling 'B' emblem later on December 7, worn on her fourth finger, traditionally reserved for a wedding band. Is he more that just a boyfriend? Time will tell.

Selena Gomez shows off a ring from Benny Blanco
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