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Selena Gomez Reveals 'SG3' Could Be Her Last Album

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January 2, 2024

Selena Gomez announced on the Smartless podcast that her upcoming album, tentatively titled "SG3," might be her last, as she plans to shift her focus towards acting and philanthropy.


elena Gomez, in a recent episode of the Smartless podcast aired on January 1, 2024, spoke to hosts Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes, and Will Arnett about her future in music. She revealed that her upcoming album, which fans refer to as "SG3," might be her final musical project. Gomez stated, "I feel I only have one more in me," indicating a potential shift away from her music career.

Selena Gomez stunts in 'Single Soon' while fans anticipate her third studio album

In addition to her music, Gomez has been involved in other ventures, including her makeup brand, Rare Beauty, and her acting role in the Hulu series "Only Murders in the Building." She mentioned that the series could "go on forever," suggesting a continued focus on her acting career.

Gomez's third studio album has been a topic of much anticipation among her fans. She has previously hinted at a possible release around February, though no specific date has been confirmed. This album follows her 2020 release "Rare" and her 2021 Spanish-Language EP, "Revelación."

Selena Gomez Loos very happy in a pool in her Single Soon music video
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