Funny Marco and Nicki Minaj Interview 'Open Thoughts'
Cuss Line

Nicki Minaj Presents The 'Cuss Line' on 'Open Thoughts' with Funny Marco

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December 26, 2023

Nicki Minaj reveals a bold new service, a 'Cuss Line,' during her trending interview with Funny Marco on 'Open Thoughts.


icki Minaj has surprised fans with her latest appearance on "Open Thoughts" with Funny Marco. During the episode, she shared a unique business idea: a 'Cuss Line'.

When asked about her hobbies, Minaj responded without hesitation, "cussing people out," and proposed a service where people could hire her to verbally express their frustrations to others. "If you ever need someone cussed out, call me. I was thinking about having a line that people can call if they want to cuss someone out: you give me the roundabout situation, and then I call the person and cuss them the f*** out."

While the practicality and implications of such a service are up for debate, it certainly aligns with Minaj's public persona and is likely to find a solid customer base. Whether this idea will materialize or remain wishful thinking, only time will tell, but it has certainly piqued our interest.

Notably, Nicki Minaj's conversation with Funny Marco, released on December 25, quickly climbed to #1 on YouTube's trending list within the first 24 hours, garnering over 1.5 million views. (The full interview can be found here.)

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