Nicki Minaj in interview with Funny Marco on Open Thoughts
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Nicki Minaj's 'Open Thoughts' Interview with 'Very Odd Man' Funny Marco

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December 25, 2023

Nicki Minaj engages in an interview with the 'very odd man,' Funny Marco.


ince the release of "Pink Friday 2" on December 8, Nicki Minaj has been a constant presence in the media. Her promotional journey for the album has been diverse and engaging. She's made appearances ranging from a stream with Kai Cenat, where she mentioned Travis Scott, to a memorable freestyle battle on Stephen Colbert's show. Her talk with Joe Budden was especially heartfelt, as she opened up about her father's passing and how it affected her album, and also talked about what she plans to do in the future.

Yet, her latest interaction with Funny Marco... let's just say it's 'odd'. Minaj announced this interview on Twitter, intriguingly describing Marco as a "very strange & odd man." The interview, titled "Open Thoughts with Nicki Minaj," lives up to its name with its unique and candid style. Released just a few hours ago, it has quickly become a topic of conversation among fans. They are actively sharing and discussing its most amusing parts, with gifs and screenshots spreading rapidly across social media.

The interview's impact is evident in its numbers; it garnered 400,000 views and over 3,300 comments within just five hours of its release. This response highlights the strong interest in Minaj's insights and her dynamic with the unconventional Funny Marco.

Nicki Minaj on 'Open Thoughts' with Funny Marco, Full Episode:

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