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New Music Friday

New Music Friday: SZA, Justin Timberlake, Selena Gomez, Bleachers, TWICE, and More...

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February 23, 2024

New Music Friday explores the latest hits with TWICE's vibrant mini-album, Aidan Bissett's "Supernova (Extended)," Kany García & Young Miko's dynamic collaboration, Linkin Park's unreleased treasure, and Jessie Murph's powerful single in our February 23 roundup.


ew Music Friday, February 23 Edition, brings an exciting mix of music from industry titans and emerging talents alike. Justin Timberlake and SZA offer fresh tracks that blend pop and R&B, while Selena Gomez captivates with her latest single. Newcomer Ari Abdul makes waves with "DFHMPU," and the Bleachers' "Me Before You" EP showcases indie pop-rock at its finest. DOE's gospel-infused "Note To Self" EP.

Justin Timberlake, 'Drown'

Justin Timberlake's new single "Drown" is a deep dive into themes of heartbreak and vulnerability, marking a shift from his usual upbeat tracks. Released ahead of his sixth studio album "Everything I Thought It Was," due on March 15 via RCA. "Drown" highlights Timberlake's versatility and hints at the emotional depth of his upcoming album.

SZA, 'Saturn'

SZA's "Saturn" made its debut in a Grammys performance and is expected to be a part of "Lana," the deluxe version of SZA's sophomore album "SOS." "SOS" has been a critical and commercial success, earning SZA nine Grammy nominations and three wins, including Best Pop Duo/Group Performance, Best Progressive R&B Album, and Best R&B Song.

Bleachers, 'Me Before You'

Bleachers, led by Jack Antonoff, have released a new EP titled "Me Before You," offering fans a fresh taste of their signature sound. "Me Before You" serves as a precursor to Bleachers' upcoming self-titled album, set to release on March 8, 2024, via Dirty Hit. This EP and its lead single continue to build anticipation for the full album, promising more of the band's introspective and heartfelt music.

Selena Gomez, 'Love On'

Selena Gomez's latest single, "Love On", marks her return to the music scene. This track embodies themes of romance and flirtation, inspired by Gomez's personal life. The music video, set against stunning French landscapes, complements the song's romantic vibes, showcasing Gomez in a series of picturesque and intimate moments. Produced by the Monsters & Strangerz, "Love On" hints at Gomez's evolving musical direction and teases her upcoming fourth studio album.

Lil Durk, 'Old Days'

Lil Durk's new single "Old Days," is a reflective track that explores the rapper's journey through life and the music industry. Accompanied by a music video that offers a visual narrative of Durk's experiences, the song delves into themes of growth, resilience, and the impact of his past.

TWICE, 'With You-th'

TWICE's "With YOU-th," is a six-track mini-album exploring themes of youth, friendship, and connection. The title cleverly combines "youth" and "you," featuring songs like "I GOT YOU" and "ONE SPARK," the album showcases TWICE's signature blend of pop and meaningful lyrics.

Bailey Zimmerman, 'Holy Smokes'

Bailey Zimmerman's 'Holy Smokes' showcases his distinctive vocal style, blending country music elements with relatable lyrical themes. Zimmerman co-wrote the track alongside Austin Shawn, Ben Stennis, Michael Tyler, and Lauren Hungate.

Linkin Park, 'Friendly Fire'

Linkin Park has unveiled "Friendly Fire," a previously unreleased track featuring the late Chester Bennington. This song, part of the sessions for their final studio album "One More Light". "Friendly Fire" is included in Linkin Park's upcoming singles collection, "Papercuts (Singles Collection 2000–2023)," set to be released on April 12.

DOE, 'Note To Self', EP

DOE's EP "Note To Self," is a compelling collection of six songs that span approximately 23 minutes. The EP includes songs such as "Lead Us Again" and "Holy Hands," highlighting DOE's versatility and depth as an artist.

Jessie Murph, 'Son of a Bitch'

Jessie Murph's new single, "Son of a Bitch," is a powerful showcase of the 19-year-old vocalist and songwriter's talent. Co-written by Jessie Murph alongside Jeff “Gitty” Gittleman, "Son of a Bitch" is a reflection of Murph's ability to convey deep emotions and experiences through her music.

King of Leon, 'Mustang'

Kings of Leon have released their new single "Mustang," marking their first new music since the 2021 album "When You See Yourself." This track is part of their upcoming album "Can We Please Have Fun," showcasing the band's classic sound with an insistent, thrumming bass line and Caleb Followill's distinctive vocals. "Mustang" embodies the band's ability to blend rock elements with emotive lyrics, promising that love is all around.

French Montana, 'Mac & Cheese 5' (Versions)

French Montana's ambitious project, "Mac & Cheese 5 (Versions)," is a sprawling album that features an astounding 126 songs. This album stands out not just for its quantity but for the variety it offers across its tracks. Spanning over six hours, the album showcases French Montana's versatility as an artist, blending different styles and featuring a wide array of collaborations.

Lenny Tavárez, Feid, 'EMPELOTICA'

Lenny Tavárez and Feid have collaborated on the track "EMPELOTICA". The official video for "EMPELOTICA" adds a visual dimension to the song, enhancing its appeal and showcasing the chemistry between the two artists.

Kany García, Young Mico, 'En Esta Boca'

Kany García and Young Miko have released their collaboration "En Esta Boca," accompanied by an official music video. The song's lyrics explore themes of attraction and desire, set against a backdrop of engaging melodies that highlight both artists' vocal talents.

Jazmin Bean, 'Traumatic Livelihood'

Jazmin Bean's inaugural album, "Traumatic Livelihood" is a comprehensive work comprises 14 tracks, notably including singles such as “Piggie” and “Favourite Bitch.” The album features Bean's unique blend of hypergore aesthetic and alternative pop. Through "Traumatic Livelihood," Bean articulates themes of personal growth, transformation, and the intricate nature of human emotions, offering a profound reflection on their artistic journey and evolution.

Ari Abdul, 'DFHMPU'

Ari Abdul released her new single "DFHMPU" through Slumbo Labs/RCA Records. The song has been described by Abdul as a reflection on personal experiences, capturing the complexities of relationships and self-awareness. The lyrics, shared during a TikTok live session, reveal a narrative of longing and introspection, with lines that resonate with listeners on a deeply emotional level.

LE SSERAFIM, 'EASY' (English Ver.)

LE SSERAFIM released the English version of their latest single "EASY" following the success of their first English single "Perfect Night," which peaked at No. 18 on the Billboard Global 200. The group also made a notable appearance at BlizzCon 2023, marking their presence on an international stage. "EASY" is part of LE SSERAFIM's third mini-album.

Aidan Bissett, 'Supernova' (Extended)

Aidan Bissett's "Supernova (Extended)" is an expanded version of his earlier work with a total of 8 tracks. This extended play delves deeper into the themes of romance, heartbreak, and self-discovery. The album includes tracks like "Planet," "People Pleaser," and "Wish It Was Me," each contributing to the overarching narrative of navigating the complexities of young love and personal evolution.


Liza released the song "THE ARSONIST & THE SUPERMODEL" on February 23, 2024. This track is part of her musical exploration, blending unique lyrical themes with her distinctive sound.

Knox, 'Me, Myself & Your Eyes'

Knox has released a new single titled "Me, Myself & Your Eyes" on February 23, 2024, through Atlantic Records. This Nashville-based alternative/pop artist continues to captivate the music scene with his latest offering, which reflects his ongoing exploration of personal themes and musical innovation. Alongside the release, Knox has announced a west coast tour, promising live performances that will bring the essence of his new music directly to fans. The single is part of Knox's active year in music, showcasing his dedication to creating engaging and reflective tracks.

Hana Eid, 'I Exist Because You Say So'

Hana Eid released her debut EP, "I Exist Because You Say So". The Nashville-based singer/songwriter has crafted a collection of songs that delve into personal experiences with brutally honest and beautifully exposed songwriting. The EP is a result of Hana's collaboration with close friends and is produced to highlight her unique voice and storytelling ability. Leading up to the EP's release, Hana Eid shared a series of singles, building anticipation for the project.

Samaria, 'Doubt'

Samaria released her new single "Doubt," marking another significant addition to her discography. The song is a reflection of Samaria's introspective songwriting, exploring themes of vulnerability, uncertainty, and the complexities of emotional relationships. With "Doubt," Samaria continues to establish herself as a rising R&B singer-songwriter, known for her ability to convey deep emotional narratives through her music.

Caleb Hearn, ROSIE, 'Little Bit Better'

"Little Bit Better" is described as a track that taps into the beauty of unconditional support, showcasing the effortless teamwork between Caleb and ROSIE. Starting with the chorus, the songwriting process clicked immediately for them, highlighting their synergy and shared vision for the music.

Jalen Ngonda, 'Illusions'

Jalen Ngonda's latest single, "Illusions," released on February 22, 2024, exemplifies a sophisticated musical arrangement and an infallible soulful groove. Demonstrating a level of class and maturity, Ngonda's vocal performance is complemented by the contributions of esteemed musicians.

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