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New Music Friday

New Music Friday: Featuring Normani and Gunna, Teddy Swims, Myke Towers and Bad Bunny, ZICO and JENNIE, Stephen Sanchez, and More...

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April 26, 2024

Explore the latest hits in our New Music Friday feature, showcasing diverse new releases from Teddy Swims' soulful depths to St. Vincent's self-produced brilliance, and more—there's a fresh track for every playlist!


elcome to this week's New Music Friday, where diverse sounds and innovative expressions take center stage. Teddy Swims expands his soulful explorations with 'I've Tried Everything But Therapy' Part 1.5. In the world of hip-hop, ZICO and Jennie's 'SPOT!' celebrates ZICO’s ten years as a solo artist with a story of unexpected reunions. Normani and Gunna heat things up with '1:59,' a preview to her highly anticipated album 'DOPAMINE'. St. Vincent claims her role as sole producer on 'All Born Screaming,' blending personal depth with societal commentary. Each release this week, from Myke Towers and Bad Bunny's 'ADIVINO' to PARTYNEXTDOOR's reflective 'PARTYNEXTDOOR 4', contributes to a dynamic music scene, promising something for every listener.

Teddy Swims, 'I've Tried Everything But Therapy' (Part 1.5)

Teddy Swims' deluxe album 'I've Tried Everything But Therapy' Part 1.5 serves as a compelling extension of his heartfelt and soulful musical explorations, initially showcased in Part 1 of the series. The album features four added tracks: 'Hammer to the Heart,' 'Apple Juice,' 'Tell Me,' and 'Growing Up Is Getting Old.'


ZICO and BLACKPINK's Jennie have teamed up for a new hip-hop track titled 'SPOT!' This release is particularly significant as it marks ZICO's first in over a year and commemorates his 10th anniversary as a solo artist. 'SPOT!' delves into the theme of two friends unexpectedly meeting at a late-night party, highlighted by the dynamic chemistry between ZICO and Jennie.

Normani, Gunna, '1:59'

'1:59,' featuring Gunna, sets the stage for Normani's highly anticipated solo debut album 'DOPAMINE,' slated for release on June 14. The song captures a moment of passion and desire, emphasizing the thrill and intensity of a fleeting intimate connection. '1:59' marks a new chapter for Normani following her departure from Fifth Harmony.

St Vincent, 'All Born Screaming'

St. Vincent's seventh studio album, 'All Born Screaming,' marks her debut as the sole producer, showcasing a distinct evolution in her music. The tracklist features songs such as 'Hell Is Near,' 'Reckless,' 'Broken Man,' and 'Flea,' with 'Broken Man' serving as the lead single and accompanied by a dramatic music video. The track 'Sweetest Fruit' pays tribute to the late producer Sophie, exploring the aspirations and struggles of the human experience.

Myke Towers, Bad Bunny, 'ADIVINO'

Once again, Myke Towers joins forces with Bad Bunny on the track 'ADIVINO,' adding a fresh and energetic single to their already impressive discographies. Both artists bring their signature styles, skillfully melding trap and reggaeton.


PARTYNEXTDOOR's latest album, 'PARTYNEXTDOOR 4,' has officially been released. This marks his first album since 2020's "PARTYMOBILE." The new album features a collection of 14 tracks, including singles like "Resentment" and "Real Woman." Notably, the album showcases PARTYNEXTDOOR's signature style blending R&B and soul, reflecting his personal and artistic growth over the past years.

Coi Leray, 'Can't Come Back'

Coi Leray's new single 'Can't Come Back' marks a continuation of her expressive music style. This release aligns with her recent transition to Island Records. Coi Leray has also hinted at changing her stage name to simply "Coi," indicating a fresh identity as she evolves as an artist. The single is noted for its engaging sound that combines her unique vocal style with contemporary hip-hop rhythms.

Ley Soul, 'Fortune Eyes'

Ley Soul is a promising artist from Chicago, known for her neo-soul music that echoes the depth and style of renowned artists like Erykah Badu. She is quickly building a reputation not only for her music but also for her strong vocal abilities. Her latest single, 'Fortune Eyes,' showcases her talent for creating engaging and emotionally resonant songs that appeal to fans of R&B and soul music.

Justice, 'Hyperdrama'

Justice's new album "Hyperdrama" is now available, marking their fourth studio release and the first since "Woman" in 2016. Released through Ed Banger Records and Because Music, the album features a blend of disco, funk, and electronic elements, with a distinctive twist that Justice describes as making these genres "coexist, but not in a peaceful way." The album includes collaborations with notable artists such as Tame Impala on tracks like "One Night/All Night" and "Neverender," as well as other guest appearances from RIMON, The Flints, Connan Mockasin, Miguel, and Thundercat. Notable tracks from the album include "Generator," "Incognito," and "Saturnine" with Miguel.

Gryffin, babyidontlikeyou, 'MAGIC'

Gryffin's latest single "MAGIC," featuring babyidontlikeyou, officially released on April 24, 2024, adds a fresh dimension to both artists' discographies. This track is part of Gryffin's broader musical project, which continues to evolve, capturing attention with its dynamic electronic sound.

The Chainsmokers, Fridayy, 'Friday'

The newly released song "Friday" combines The Chainsmokers' signature electronic production with elements of R&B, thanks to Fridayy's involvement. This track is a noteworthy addition to The Chainsmokers' discography, reflecting their ability to blend genres effectively.

Haven Madison, 'Turn Off All The Lights', EP

Haven Madison, a finalist from Season 21 of American Idol, has released her EP titled 'Turn Off All The Lights,' which includes five tracks. The lead single, 'Sky Up,' is described by Madison as a deeply personal and emotionally profound piece. The EP's production features collaboration with Dave Pittenger, known for his recent hit 'abcdefu' with GAYLE.

Alexander Stewart, 'day i die'

Alexander Stewart has released his new single 'day i die' ahead of his debut album 'bleeding hearts.' The song, yet another soul-stirring addition to Stewart's discography sets the stage for the album's deeply personal journey. Stewart shares how the creation of the album has been an exhilarating and therapeutic experience for him, promising that it's a collection of his life over the past three years. The debut album is scheduled for release on May 10, 2024

Jay Wheeler, 'Música Buena Para Días Malas'

Jay Wheeler's latest album, 'Música Buena Para Días Malos,' delivers a soulful blend of Latin trap and reggaeton. The album's title, which translates to 'Good Music for Bad Days,' reflects Wheeler’s intent to offer comfort and solace through his music, especially during challenging times. Following his previous successful releases, the album features a variety of tracks that vary in tone yet consistently showcase Wheeler's smooth vocals and heartfelt lyrics.

Jessie Murph, 'Cold'

Jessie Murph's presented new single 'Cold'. Raised on country music but deeply influenced by hip-hop, Jessie Murph creates music that is both emotive and grandly cinematic. Her approach to music is refreshingly genreless, providing her the freedom to explore various musical styles. This freedom is evident in her songs, which often combine the grit of country with the sleekness of hip-hop, reflecting her diverse musical background and influences.


DAISY WORLD, the artistic endeavor of Daisy Hamel-Buffa, has released her debut solo album titled 'TOOTHPICK.' Her previous collaborations with notable artists like Steve Lacy and Tyler, The Creator, have further established her presence in the LA music scene. The release is accompanied by the single 'break it off,' which features a music video. Crafted with director of photography Seannie Bryan, the video visually captures the essence of the track

Mötley Crüe, 'Dogs Of War'

Mötley Crüe's latest single "Dogs Of War" has been officially released, marking an exciting new chapter for the band. This track coincides with their energetic performances, notably at a secret show under the pseudonym "Dögs of War" at The Underworld nightclub in London. The single features a blend of their classic hard rock and heavy metal styles, showcasing the band's enduring presence in the rock music scene.

Stephen Sanchez, 'Angel Face' (Club Deluxe)

Stephen Sanchez has expanded his debut album 'Angel Face,' originally released on September 22, 2023, with a new version titled 'Angel Face (Club Deluxe).' This deluxe edition introduces five new tracks, enriching the original album with additional musical explorations. Alongside the existing songs, this version features a notable duet with Em Beihold on the track 'Until I Found You,' which has already achieved triple platinum status. The deluxe edition aims to deepen the narrative and sonic experience of the original album, celebrated for its blend of 1950s and 1960s inspired sounds and contemporary sensibilities.

Haiden Henderson, 'bleachers'

With the newest addition to his discography, 'bleachers,' Haiden Henderson, a pop artist who first gained significant attention through viral moments on TikTok, continues to expand his music career following the success of 'Hell of a Good Time.' Known for his one-man boyband style, Henderson blends catchy pop hooks with a rock and roll edge in his music, often incorporating introspective lyrics that reflect his personal experiences and emotions.

Sinead Harnett, 'Boundaries'

'Boundaries' represents Sinead Harnett's third studio album and continues her journey of emotional and lyrical depth, leveraging her soulful R&B style. The album features 16 tracks, including standout songs such as 'Shoulder,' 'Burn,' and 'You First' among others.

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