Billie Eilish with red hair in red room, in support of 'Eilish No. 3' perfume, released November 9, 2023
Holiday Collection

Christmas Came Early for Billie Eilish Fans with Holiday Merchandise Collection

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November 15, 2023

Billie Eilish's latest Holiday collection merges her iconic style with festive flair, offering fans a unique way to celebrate the season. From whimsical cookie cutters to stylish apparel, each item in this eclectic range reflects Eilish's artistic vision. Accompanied by a festive website revamp, this collection not only showcases Eilish's influence in fashion but also promises to bring a touch of joy and warmth to her fans worldwide.


illie Eilish, celebrated for her distinctive fusion of music and fashion, has presented her fans with an early Christmas gift. On November 14, she announced a new Holiday merchandise collection on Twitter, showcasing a range of items that blend her signature style with festive cheer.

The Holiday collection is eclectic, featuring items like a whimsical $20 cookie cutter and a Blohsh metal ornament, also available for $20. The collection also includes two types of socks, priced at $25 and $35, offering a cozy and stylish option for the winter season.

Additionally, the collection includes a variety of tops – a T-shirt, cropped top, and a tied-up black hoodie – along with a black Blohsh tie and a dazzling red necklace, each embodying Eilish's unique style. These items are perfect for those looking to add a touch of Eilish's flair to their holiday wardrobe or as thoughtful gifts for fellow fans.

Accompanying the launch, the Billie Eilish website,, has undergone a festive makeover. Visitors are now greeted with a striking red backdrop and white flurries, enhancing the shopping experience and setting a holiday mood.

This collection follows the successful release of 'Eilish No. 3', a limited-edition perfume, unveiled on November 9. Part of the 'Eilish' fragrance collection, it sold out within days, highlighting Eilish's growing influence in fashion and lifestyle.

With the holiday season drawing near, this collection promises to spread joy and warmth among Eilish's fans globally.

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