Billie Eilish holds all three perfumes form the 'Eilish' collection
Eilish No. 3

Billie Eilish's Latest Olfactory Masterpiece: 'Eilish No. 3' is Finally Here

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November 12, 2023

In a blend of artistry and aroma, Billie Eilish has introduced 'Eilish No. 3', the eagerly awaited final installment in her signature fragrance line. Launched on November 9, 2023, this limited edition scent has already created waves of excitement among fans and fragrance aficionados.


ver since Billie Eilish hinted at a new fragrance on Instagram back on September 28, 2023, there has been a palpable buzz of excitement. This buzz reached its peak on November 9 with the debut of 'Eilish No. 3', retailing for $72.00 for 100 ml on Billie Eilish’s official website, as well as Ulta for US-based fans and Harrods in the UK. This fragrance marks a turning point as the first limited edition and the final installment in the Eilish line. It's the culmination of a sensory exploration that began with the warm, gourmand notes of the original 'Eilish' and continued with the woodsy 'Eilish No. 2', leading to 'Eilish No. 3', which completes the trilogy with a unique blend of amber and spice, distinct yet harmoniously tied to its predecessors.

Described as 'a tantalizing scent featuring notes of pink peppercorn, fir needle, and velvety amber that leaves an unforgettable impression,' 'Eilish No. 3' starts with a vibrant mix of grapefruit, pink peppercorn, and jasmine. This sparkling introduction paves the way for a heart of saffron, fir needle, and creamy cedar, blending intoxication with exoticism.

But it's in the base notes where 'Eilish No. 3' truly resonates. A blend of warm amber, earthy oakmoss, and subtle skin musk intertwines, leaving a memorable and unmistakably Billie Eilish impression. This foundation ensures that the fragrance captivates from the first application and lingers with an evocative presence.

Mirroring Billie Eilish's approach to music and art, the carefully curated blend of scents is bold yet nuanced, modern yet timeless. Like her music, the fragrance invites fans into a uniquely personal world, offering an experience that's both intimate and expansive.

This time, the bottle comes shrouded in luscious red lacquer while maintaining Billie's signature style with a flacon that looks like an ancient Greek bust sculpture of a woman, with only half of her face showing in a side portrait pose. This visual element not only complements the fragrance but also elevates it to a collector's item as much as a perfume.

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