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Sophie Lilah Moves Through Her Pain With 'Content But I Find' And Announces Debut EP

Sophie Lilah moves through her pain with 'Content But I Find' and announces debut EP. Single is out Friday, July 12 with 'Fear/Instinct' EP out Friday, August 16.

Shannon Smith Weaves a Cozy Tapestry with New Single 'Every Single Day'

Playing upon keys and strings, two voices intermingle in an adorable pop-folk and alt-country jam— Shannon Smith's latest song 'Every Single Day' will deliver all the coziest feels when it comes out on Tuesday, July 9.

Joan & The Giants Share An Unfeigned Tragic Story Of Love With 'Feels Like Heartache'

Joan and the Giants are back and as strong as ever with their new single ‘Feels Like Heartache’, out Monday, July 8 at 7.30pm AEST. Tour dates are available.

EDIE Smashes Illusions In New Single 'Cool Girl' And Announces Debut EP 'unsaid'

EDIE smashes illusions In new single 'Cool Girl' and announces debut EP 'unsaid'. 'Cool Girl' out Friday, July 5 and debut EP 'unsaid' is out August 9.

Sage Roadknight Dissects Society in Eerie Indie-Disco Hymn 'Wake Up'

Building their unique sound further, Melbournite Sage Roadknight (she/they) paves their brilliant chrome path further with their newest song Wake Up (July 5th), with her signature Future Alt-Pop style.

Have A Good Day Takes a Shot of Dreamy Pop with New Single 'Punch-Drunk in Love'

Dreamy Aussie pop duo Have A Good Day are making a comeback with their newest single and companion music video, ‘Punch-Drunk In Love’ (out June 27). ‘Punch-Drunk in Love’ is an ode to the youthful kind of love that knocks someone off their feet, turbulent and exciting.

Lorna Takes A Deep Breath and Lets It All Go In New Single 'Underachiever' and Companion Music Video

LORNA, an emerging alternative country/ folk singer-songwriter from the East Coast of NSW releases her second single, 'Underachiever', out June 19.

Menajerie Gets Intimate In Their New Single 'Melt'

Meanjin-based, female-led powerhouse Menajerie sways and sighs to the sensual sounds of their new single ‘Melt’, out June 7. This neo-soul slow jam is sweet like honey and just as flavourful.

Gypsy Road Release Emotionally Charged Album 'Letters To A Friend, From Interstate'

‘Letters To A Friend, From Interstate’, the emotionally charged debut album from Naarm/Melbourne based outfit Gypsy Road, drops on Friday, May 24. This heavy, Midwest-emo, post-punk project navigates relatable topics to most melancholy Melbournian youth, including watching TikToks, breakups, smoking weed, and drinking beer.

LAVELIN Enchants With Debut EP 'Forget About Us', Out May 24

LAVELIN’s enchanted EP ‘Forget About Us’ will release on May 24 and leave a path of nightshade blossoms in its wake.

Piper Butcher Breaks The Ice With New Single ‘Turn The Key’

After scoring a spot in Australian Idols’ top 24, Newcastle-based Piper Butcher shares a story of wanting to be something more than just friends in ‘Turn The Key’, releasing Thursday, May 23. This marks a huge comeback for the independent indie pop/ rock artist, being her first release since her majorly successful single ‘Unconscious Mind’ in late 2022.

Aaron Thomas Weaves A Tapestry Of Life Stories With New Album 'Human Patterns'

Aaron Thomas has lived a well-travelled life, filled with adventure and countless journeys. His first album since returning home to Australian shores, 'Human Patterns' (May 17) is, unsurprisingly, a worldly collection of songs. A journey of its own, it blends indie melodies with old country tones that form a body of work, full of stories and rich in sound.

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