Lorna Takes A Deep Breath and Lets It All Go In New Single 'Underachiever' and Companion Music Video

Jun 19, 2024 1:05 PM
 Eastern Daylight Time
Melbourne, AU
Jun 19, 2024

LORNA, an emerging alternative country/ folk singer-songwriter from the East Coast of NSW releases her second single, 'Underachiever', a spiralling, easy going ballad, accompanied by a captivating music video on Wednesday, June 19.

portrait of LORNA

Debuting under this new moniker earlier this year with her single 'Bloom', the name LORNA is inspired by frontwoman Erin Condon's grandmother, who was the reason she was drawn to music in the first place. This multi-talented artist showcases her skills on vocals, guitar, and piano accordion in this second single release.

With a slow, clear voice and twinkling brassy guitar, this song strikes a perfect balance between passionate and romantic, and soft and groovy. LORNA’s experiences shine through, proving that something amazing can emerge from even the darkest times.

'Underachiever' was written at the exact moment I thought my life was over. Following a pretty rough breakup, I had made such a big deal about being alone for Valentine's Day so I did the inevitable Tinder download and began vetting my next date. This series of events summed up the months following this breakup; completely distraught and looking for any light at the end of the tunnel, even if that light took the form of a complete stranger…  just so that you don’t have to buy yourself flowers and a twix bar from the Coles Express on your way home. -Erin Condon.

This song explores the feelings that come with sharing a quality with the song’s namesake and how it feels to be labelled as an underachiever. The music video balances the lyrics with LORNA sitting down for a dinner for one in a glowy, 80’s atmosphere with trinkets held together with tape. In a faded pink room with tokens of almost-perfection adorning the shelves, LORNA unravels to the powerful tune. Distressed, she is seen making an absolute mess with all of the food, indulging and letting loose in the mayhem.  

Let your past go with LORNA's new single Underachiever and companion music video, out Wednesday, June 19.

Upcoming Shows:
June 19 - La La La’s, Wollongong | Supports The Bancrofts + Shalani
July 11 - Lazybones Lounge, Marrickville | Supports The Bancrofts + Wil Linder
August 8 - The Victoria, Bathurst | Support Oak + Orangi


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Release Summary

LORNA, an emerging alternative country/ folk singer-songwriter from the East Coast of NSW releases her second single, 'Underachiever', out June 19.

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