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Teddy Swims ft. Kelly Clarkson 'Lose Control,' Holiday Memories and Mental Health

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December 12, 2023

On 'The Kelly Clarkson Show,' Teddy Swims shared a childhood memory of secretly playing "Rock Band" before Christmas, while Kelly Clarkson expressed her love for building gingerbread houses. Their conversation also explored the importance of mental health, with Swims discussing his approach to therapy.


On the December 11th episode of 'The Kelly Clarkson Show,' Kelly Clarkson and R&B artist Teddy Swims delivered a stunning duet of Swims' hit 'Lose Control.' The performance was a captivating blend of Teddy Swims' rich, soulful voice and Kelly Clarkson's renowned vocal strength. Their voices melded together beautifully, creating a memorable musical moment that highlighted the distinct qualities of each artist.

Teddy Swims, whose real name is Jaten Dimsdale, is a Georgia native who rose to fame in the 2010s through his soulful covers on YouTube. His career trajectory took a significant turn with the release of his first studio album, 'I've Tried Everything But Therapy,' in September 2023. The album's standout single, 'Lose Control,' reached the 39th position on the Billboard Hot 100.

During the show, Swims shared insights into the meaning of 'Lose Control,' describing it as a song about finding happiness independently of others. He also discussed the importance of mental health and his personal decision to use therapy to manage the pressures of fame. 'If I start that conversation, hopefully it'll inspire somebody else to go get the help and do the work for themselves,' he said. 'On this rocket ship that I'm currently on, I want someone to help me navigate that,' he added. Drawing from her extensive experience, Kelly Clarkson then advised Swims on navigating the complexities of fame, emphasizing the importance of setting boundaries and the ability to say 'no.'

The conversation then shifted to holiday themes, with Clarkson inquiring if Swims was the kind of child who sneakily opened his Christmas presents early. Swims shared a humorous story about one Christmas when he and his brother secretly played the video game "Rock Band," which was meant to be a Christmas present, for weeks before repackaging it and pretending to be surprised on Christmas day.

Clarkson related to the story, suggesting a clever method for opening presents without getting caught and sharing her own experiences of resisting the temptation to peek at her gifts.

The discussion then moved to their individual holiday obsessions. Clarkson revealed her love for building gingerbread houses, describing how she buys them in bulk and enjoys crafting them with her children, though she doesn't let them eat the candy from the houses. Swims talked about his love for the musical "Rent," sharing that he watches the Broadway version every Christmas with his mother and knows every word to the show.

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