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Tate McRae's 'Think Later' Hits 688 Million Spotify Streams, 'greedy' Takes the Lead

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December 24, 2023

Tate McRae's latest album, 'Think Later,' achieves a remarkable milestone with 688 million streams on Spotify, driven by the standout success of its leading track, 'Greedy'.


ate McRae, a Canadian singer and songwriter, engaged with fans on Instagram earlier today (December 24) to discuss their favorite tracks from her latest album, "Think Later," released on December 8. As fans eagerly shared their preferences, our team turned to Spotify's streaming statistics to objectively determine the most popular tracks from the album.

McRae, who rose to fame with her 2020 hit "You Broke Me First," has continued to resonate with fans globally, thanks to her blend of relatable lyrics and catchy melodies. Her latest album, "Think Later," is no exception to this trend.

Spotify's streaming data revealed that "Greedy" is the clear frontrunner from "Think Later," amassing an impressive 515 million streams. It is followed by "Exes" with 73.2 million streams, and "Run for the Hills" securing the third spot with 20.6 million streams.

Furthermore, "Greedy" achieved remarkable success on global charts. It peaked at the number 1 spot on Spotify in several countries, including Germany, Canada, Australia, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium, Austria, the United Arab Emirates, Norway, Denmark, and Ireland. The track also reached the top spot on iTunes in Greece, Portugal, the Czech Republic, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lebanon, Moldova, Cambodia, Luxembourg, and Egypt.

In just a few weeks since its release, tracks from "Think Later" have collectively garnered a substantial 688.2 million streams, signaling a promising start for McRae's latest album.

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