Argentianian rapper Tiago PZK releases new album 'GOTTI A'

Rising Argentinian Rapper Tiago PZK Drops Dynamic New Album 'GOTTI A'

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July 5, 2024

Tiago PZK's latest album "GOTTI A" features a dynamic blend of Latin trap and contemporary rap, with high-profile collaborations that highlight his versatility and global appeal.


iago PZK's latest album, titled "GOTTI A," was released on July 4, 2024. This album marks a significant point in his career, showcasing his versatility and growth as an artist. The album features a blend of Latin trap and contemporary rap, recorded in various locations worldwide, including Argentina, Spain, Miami, Los Angeles, Colombia, and Stockholm.

GOTTI A tracklist:

  1. Todas Las Estrellas
  2. Adicción
  3. De Vuelta (feat. Manuel Turizo)
  4. I’m Blessed (feat. Trueno)
  5. Alegría (feat. Anitta & Emilia)
  6. Party BB (feat. Justin Quiles)
  7. Piel (feat. Ke Personajes)
  8. La Despedida
  9. RCP (feat. Duki)
  10. Mi Corazón
  11. Cristal (feat. Nicki Nicole)
  12. Tony
  13. Griselda
  14. La Última

The album features collaborations with several notable artists, including Nicki Nicole, Duki, Trueno, Anitta, Emilia, Justin Quiles, Ke Personajes, and Manuel Turizo, adding a rich layer of diversity and appeal to the project.

Tiago PZK is also embarking on a world tour to promote "GOTTI A," performing at major festivals and venues globally. This tour is expected to be a major event for fans and a significant milestone in Tiago PZK's burgeoning career. His rise from the Argentine freestyle circuit to international stardom continues to captivate audiences, making "GOTTI A" a highly anticipated and celebrated release.

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