Apple's cancels autonomous electric car
Apple Electric Car Cancelled

RIP to Apple's Electric Car

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February 27, 2024

Apple Inc. has canceled its decade-long electric car project, Project Titan, after significantly ramping up autonomous driving tests in California, now pivoting its focus towards generative AI technologies.


pple Inc. has officially canceled its electric car project, Project Titan, concluding a decade-long initiative that sought to bring an autonomous electric vehicle to the market. This ambitious endeavor, which involved nearly 2,000 employees, was aimed at leveraging Apple's technological prowess to redefine mobility. The project's discontinuation was announced by Apple's Chief Operating Officer Jeff Williams and Vice President Kevin Lynch, marking a significant shift in the company's strategic focus towards generative AI.

Throughout its development, Project Titan attracted key industry talents, including Ulrich Kranz, a former BMW executive, and Doug Field, a former Tesla executive who later joined Ford in 2021. These hires underscored Apple's commitment to the project and its goal of innovation in the automotive sector.

In the year leading up to the project's cancellation, Apple significantly ramped up its efforts in autonomous vehicle testing. Government records reveal that the company logged over 450,000 miles of autonomous driving in California from December 2022 to November 2023. This marked a nearly fourfold increase in testing miles compared to the previous year, indicating a concentrated push to advance its autonomous driving technology. Despite this, Apple's testing totals remained well below those of leading autonomous vehicle developers like Alphabet’s Waymo and Amazon’s Zoox.

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