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Olivia Rodrigo's 'Vampire': From SNL and Tiny Desk to Colbert, Best Renditions

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December 20, 2023

Olivia Rodrigo's renditions of 'Vampire' vary impressively across different settings and styles, from the band-backed performance at the Live Lounge to the intimate, piano-driven version on Saturday Night Live. Here's a compilation of our favorite versions.


it seems like Olivia Rodrigo has been the talk of the town lately, you're not mistaken. The rising star received 6 Grammy nominations for the 2024 awards in categories including Album, Song, Record, Pop Solo Performance, Pop Vocal Album, and Rock Song. In support of her album "GUTS," released on September 8, 2023, Rodrigo made a significant number of TV appearances. While 'Vampire' is her most-performed single, Rodrigo brings a fresh take to each performance. The varying arrangements, tempos, and instrumental choices – from rock and band versions to string and acoustic piano renditions – showcase her dynamic range. Among her numerous live renditions of 'Vampire,' here are some standout performances:

Late Night With Stephen Colbert, 'Vampire' String Version:

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert (December 18, 2023): Olivia Rodrigo returned to "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" for a second time in December, this time to perform "Vampire." Her performance, set against a backdrop of mist and dramatic lighting, featured a piano and string accompaniment, adding a rich, orchestral quality to the song.

NPR, "Tiny Desk", Harmonized Version (4:14-8:20 Mark):

Tiny Desk Concerts (December 10, 2023): At the Tiny Desk Concerts in Washington, D.C., Rodrigo performed 'Vampire' again. This intimate performance, featuring Hayley Brownell on drums, Moa Munoz on bass, Daisy Spencer on guitar, and Ashley Morgan, Gaba, and Julia Gartha on vocals, introduced harmonized vocals, giving the track a new melodic flair.

SNL, Acoustic Piano Version:

Saturday Night Live (December 9, 2023): On Saturday Night Live in New York City, Olivia Rodrigo delivered a slowed, acoustic piano rendition of 'Vampire.' Dressed in a sparkling dress with a simple up-do, she gave an intimate and emotive performance, focusing solely on her vocals and piano in a dimly lit setting.

BBC's Live Lounge, Band Version: 

Live Lounge (October 2, 2023): In the Live Lounge in Los Angeles, set in the Hollywood Forever Cemetery, Rodrigo remarked, 'It's a beautiful place, I'm glad we can do it here.' This performance featured a band version of 'Vampire.'

Today Show, Studio Version:

Today Show (September 8, 2023): On the Today Show in New York City, staged at Rockefeller Center, fans were part of the event, singing along with Rodrigo. Notably, this performance coincided with the album's release, closely mirroring the studio version of 'Vampire.'

Each of these performances showcases Rodrigo's versatility as an artist and her ability to reinvent her music live, adapting to various settings and audiences

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