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Olivia Rodrigo Unveils 'Can't Catch Me Now' for 'The Hunger Games' Soundtrack

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November 3, 2023

Olivia Rodrigo's latest track, "Can’t Catch Me Now," has landed. Released as part of the upcoming "The Hunger Games" film soundtrack, the song promises to blend Rodrigo's signature emotive storytelling with the movie's rich, rebellious themes.


livia Rodrigo has just dropped a new single, "Can’t Catch Me Now," which is part of the soundtrack for the upcoming "The Hunger Games" movie. She shared the news with her fans on Instagram, sparking excitement among her followers and the wider music-loving crowd.

This new song adds to Rodrigo's growing list of hits, known for their heartfelt lyrics and catchy tunes that have a knack for capturing what it feels like to be young today. With "Can’t Catch Me Now," she takes her music into the world of "The Hunger Games," a setting filled with drama and rebellion, which seems like a perfect match for her style.

The Instagram post that announced the release shows off some cool, spacey, and floral graphics, giving us a little taste of the song's vibe. It's clear that Rodrigo's song will not just be background music for the movie but will also reflect her own artistic growth.

The full soundtrack, along with the movie, is set to come out on November 17th, and Rodrigo's song is just the beginning. Her involvement is a big deal for the soundtrack, which is expected to be a mix of songs that capture the movie's spirit of fighting back and finding hope.

Fans are now waiting eagerly for the rest of the soundtrack, but in the meantime, "Can’t Catch Me Now" is already out there for us to listen to.

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