Olivia Rodrigo and Kelly Clarkson for "The Kelly Clarkson Show' Aired December 12
Gotta love a 4-letter word

Olivia Rodrigo Talks Edward Cullen, 'GUTS,' and Surprises Fans on 'The Kelly Clarkson Show

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December 13, 2023

Olivia Rodrigo's appearance on "The Kelly Clarkson Show" showcased her deep connection with fans, as she discussed the emotional depth of her lyrics and the inspiration behind her album "GUTS."


a recent episode of "The Kelly Clarkson Show," aired on December 12, Grammy-winning artist Olivia Rodrigo graced the stage, bringing with her a blend of candid conversation, personal insights, and a profound connection with her fans. The episode, marked by its warmth and authenticity, offered a deeper look into Rodrigo's artistic journey and the impact of her music. The show opened to an enthusiastic audience, setting the tone for a lively and engaging episode.

Clarkson and Rodrigo exchanged pleasantries and congratulations on their respective Grammy nominations. Rodrigo, reflecting on her nomination for Best Rock Song for "Ballad of a Homeschooled Girl," expressed, "It's so nice to be included in such a wonderful group of people."

Their conversation took a whimsical turn as they discussed the personalization of their in-ear monitors. Rodrigo revealed her choice of Edward Cullen's image, humorously noting, "That's my baby... He is my guiding light on tour," a choice she made for her 'SOUR' Tour. Olivia also shared that currently she has a photo of Kim Cattrall on her in-ear monitors: "It's Samantha from 'Sex in the City'. She's my favorite, drinking a little martini, and I thought it was great."

The discussion naturally flowed to Rodrigo's album "GUTS." When asked about the title, Rodrigo explained, "It means bravery. Spilling your guts means like telling everyone your dirty little secrets, which I feel like is just what I do in my song." This insight offered a glimpse into Rodrigo's songwriting philosophy, where vulnerability and honesty play central roles. "And I like a four-letter word, you know," she added, "Gotta love a four-letter word every now and then." This reference to four-letter words, she noted, includes her debut album 'SOUR' and others that occasionally appear in her lyrics.

Exploring specific lyrics from her songs, Rodrigo shared the origins of "Lacy," a track that evolved from a poem she wrote for a class at USC. Discussing the lyric, "I despise my rotten mind and how much it worships you," Rodrigo acknowledged its emotional depth, saying, "It's very emo of me writing that." Olivia also explained the meaning behind the lyrics "I am light as a feather. I'm as stiff as a board. I pay attention to things that most people ignore." She said her mom used to tell her about the game, often played at sleepovers. "I was always fascinated by it... it seems impossible. I need some physicist to explain it to me," she mused, followed by, "So I thought it was an interesting way to describe the impossible standards that are set for us as women."

A highlight of the show was the segment featuring fans who shared their "gutsy" stories, inspired by Rodrigo's music. One fan, Makayla Lee, spoke about her journey to independence despite her disability, drawing parallels with Rodrigo's song "Ballad of a Homeschooled Girl." Rodrigo's response to these stories was heartfelt, as she expressed, "I feel empowered listening to your story. I think that is so incredible, and I admire you so much for that."

Watch the full segment below.

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