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Olivia Rodrigo Moves Past Older 'Sour' Songs, Yet Keeps It Classy on Song Inspirations

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December 13, 2023

Olivia Rodrigo candidly reflects on outgrowing some songs from her debut album "Sour" and embraces a genuine approach to her upcoming 'GUTS' Tour, while cherishing the supportive camaraderie with fellow artist Billie Eilish.


a recent interview with the Los Angeles Times, published on December 13, 20-year-old music sensation Olivia Rodrigo discussed her changing feelings towards some tracks from her 2021 debut album, "SOUR." As she prepares for her 2024 Guts Tour, Rodrigo revealed a diminished affection for a few songs on the album. She stated, “Some of them I don’t really love so much anymore. I don’t want to [name them]. People get so sad because it’ll be their favorite song. But I just feel like I’ve grown out of some of them.”

Despite her evolving tastes, "SOUR" continues to resonate with millions worldwide. The album remains on the Billboard 200, ranking at No. 49 more than two years after its release, and has spent 133 weeks on the chart. It also produced two No. 1 hits on the Billboard Hot 100, including "Drivers License," which remains a personal favorite for Rodrigo. She recalls the emotional connection she and her fans shared over the song, reflecting their experiences of heartbreak.

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Olivia Rodrigo also responded to Billie Eilish's revelation that her song "Goldwing" was partly inspired by Rodrigo's rapid rise to fame. In her interview with the L.A. Times, Eilish expressed protectiveness and concern for Rodrigo, who was younger and emerging in the industry. To which, Rodrigo expressed heartfelt appreciation, saying, "I thought it was so sweet. Billie is such a kind, wonderful girl, and I feel very lucky that it's not about competition - that we're just looking out for each other. I love that song." This response highlights the supportive and non-competitive nature of their relationship and Rodrigo's admiration for "Goldwing."

Olivia Rodrigo and Billie Eilish

As Rodrigo prepares for her 'GUTS' Tour, she is introspectively examining her identity as an artist. She acknowledges her preferences and limitations, stating, “[It] is really making me examine my identity as an artist, because I love going to a show that’s big and awesome, but I’m also not the type of girl who’s gonna break into a dance routine. That’s not me. So I’ve got to figure out a way to make it my own. I need to work on my death-metal scream too.” This candid admission reflects her commitment to authenticity and delivering an engaging performance experience for her audience.

On the topic of not disclosing the inspirations behind her songs, Rodrigo remarked, “I just think it’s not classy to come out and say it’s about this person. I also think that would set a weird precedent where I’d have to clear the air with every song I write.” This statement underscores her professionalism and respect for privacy in her songwriting process and we love her for that.

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