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Pink Christmas

Pink Christmas for Barbz: Nicki Minaj's Holiday Message

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December 24, 2023

Nicki Minaj shares a heartfelt holiday message on Twitter, inspiring fans with words of peace, gratitude, and faith


ll talk has been about Nicki Minaj and her chart-topping "Pink Friday 2" album, released on December 8. But today, Minaj extended a touching holiday message to her fans via Twitter, offering a message of hope, peace, and encouragement during the festive season. The message reads:

"Dear All,

This holiday season, may you be given the gift of feeling complete and being in perfect peace, lacking nothing emotionally, spiritually, physically, mentally. Needing nothing, wanting for nothing. Gratitude. Unspeakable joy. May you receive the text or call that you’ve been hoping for. May you smile from ear to ear, on the inside and out.

May you trust God’s timing. He has you. Tell Him you can no longer do it without Him. Then watch. Sit back. Be still. Allow yourself to be surrounded in the awesomeness that is God.

Be encouraged. May the people who genuinely regard you highly and want to see you at your best be in your life from this day forth. May you have the discernment and the wisdom to know who those people are, and the strength to say goodbye to all others. It’s your time to be happy and free. Free from guilt. Free from all the burdens you’ve carried that were never your cross to bear.

Oh, magnify the Lord! For He is worthy to be praised.

He and only He is worthy."

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