Nicki Minaj performs on the stage of E11EVEN, Miami, NYE 2023-2024
Nicky's NYE

Nicki Minaj Tops 2023 Streaming Charts and Kicks Off 2024 at E11EVEN Miami

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January 1, 2024

Nicki Minaj celebrated the arrival of 2024 with an electrifying performance at E11EVEN Miami, capping off a year as 2023's most streamed female rapper and starting 2024 as the first artist to top Apple Music's charts.


2023 gave way to 2024, Nicki Minaj delivered a standout performance at E11EVEN Miami on New Year's Eve.

Commanding the stage with her dynamic presence, Minaj's bold New Year's resolution simultaneously made waves on social media platforms. In a pre-recorded video aired during CNN's live New Year's Eve countdown from Times Square, Minaj declared her resolution: "to keep my foot on these bitches' necks."

The event also highlighted the success of her latest album, "Pink Friday 2." Building on the legacy of her 2010 debut, the album has topped the charts. "Pink Friday 2" (Gag City Deluxe) spent 24 days at #1 on Apple Music.

Additionally, Nicki Minaj's "FTCU" reached #1 on US Apple Music for the first time ever, becoming the first artist to reach the first place in 2024. Celebrating this achievement, Minaj wrote on her (Twitter), "Promise me that no matter what, you won’t pinch me 🥹. When ur tipsy so you get overly emotional & poetic."

Furthermore, in 2023, Minaj was the 1st most streamed female rapper on Spotify, amassing over 5.1 billion streams.

Nicki Minaj's NYE performance at E11EVEN club, Miami. Nicki is wearing tight black body suit and curly blond wig.
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