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New Music Friday: The Kid LAROI, Cardi B, Miley Cyrus, iann dior, Griff, Games We Play, and More...

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March 1, 2024

New Music Friday explores the latest hits from Sofia Carson, Pharrell Williams & Miley Syrus, Cardi B, Meek Mill, Charlie XCX, and Cardi B on March 1 roundup.


ew Music Friday, March 1 Edition.

Pharrell Williams, Miley Cyrus, 'Doctor' (Work It Out)

Miley Cyrus and Pharrell Williams have reunited for their first collaboration in a decade with the release of their new single "Doctor (Work It Out)." Initially created around 2012 during Cyrus's work on her album "Bangerz," the track leaked online in 2017 but now sees an official and refreshed release. This marks a significant moment for both artists, as it comes after their last joint effort on "Come Get It Bae" from Pharrell's 2014 album "GIRL." The song, which reflects on timing and serendipity, is accompanied by a music video that captures the essence of joy and celebration, mirroring Cyrus's vibrant spirit and the current phase of her career.

Faye Webster, 'Underdressed at the Symphony'

The album, inspired by Webster's impromptu decisions to immerse herself in the world of classical music as a form of therapy, consists of 10 tracks that blend her signature chill vibe with elements reminiscent of Wilco. Produced by Drew Vandenberg and Faye Webster herself, and recorded across locations in Tornillo, TX, and Athens, GA, the album captures the essence of being momentarily lost in a crowd, seeking solace in the grandeur of symphonic music while wrestling with life's tumults. "Underdressed at the Symphony" marks Webster's fifth album, further solidifying her place in the indie music scene.

The Kid LAROI, 'Still Yours' (From The Doc)

The Kid LAROI shares his latest single "Still Yours" in conjunction with the release of his documentary "KIDS ARE GROWING UP," now streaming on Prime Video. This track comes after LAROI's significant year in 2023, which saw the release of his debut album "THE FIRST TIME" and a notable contribution to the Barbie soundtrack. Produced by Omer Fedi, pairs LAROI's emotional lyrics with an acoustic guitar instrumental, offering fans a deeper look into the artist's personal struggles and growth. This release also offers an intimate glimpse into his journey to stardom, his relationship with Justin Bieber, and the challenges along the way.


Meek Mill's surprise EP "HEATHENISM," released on February 29, 2024, is a bold assertion of his musical and lyrical prowess amidst swirling online rumors. With a clear nod to his breakthrough hit "Dreams & Nightmares," the EP starts with a declaration of returning to his "dream chaser" roots, setting the tone for a collection that blends introspection with street-wise narratives. Across five tracks lasting 16 minutes, Meek Mill explores themes of wealth, power, betrayal, and resilience, with notable contributions from Fivio Foreign and Future. The production, handled by a talented team including Nick Papz and OthelloBeats, provides a solid backdrop for Meek's exploration of personal growth against the backdrop of his street life and industry success. From the reflective "Came from the Bottom" to the anthemic "Giving Chanel" featuring Future, "HEATHENISM" is both a testament to Meek Mill's enduring relevance in the hip-hop world and a showcase of his ability to navigate through adversity with his lyrical skill and flow.

Chlöe, 'FYS'

Chlöe Bailey, widely recognized as one half of the Grammy-nominated sister duo Chloe x Halle, has also carved a niche for herself as an actress, notably portraying the character Jazlyn "Jazz" Forster in the hit TV series "Grown-ish." Branching out into her solo career, Chlöe has been making waves with her unique sound. Her latest single, "FYS," marks the beginning of a new musical era for the artist, coinciding with her anticipation of performing solo for the first time at Coachella. This release follows her debut album "In Pieces," further establishing Chlöe as a songwriter, arranger, and producer in the music industry.

Jacob Collier, 'Djesse Vol. 4'

Jacob Collier's "Djesse Vol. 4" is the final chapter in his groundbreaking four-part album series. The album brings together an impressive array of collaborators, including Brandi Carlile, Michael McDonald, John Legend, and Chris Martin, across 16 tracks. It blends genres seamlessly, reflecting the culmination of a journey that has earned Collier three Grammy wins and six nominations.

Cat Burns, 'alone'

Cat Burns, the multi-BRIT-nominated and double-platinum-selling South London artist, has released her anthemic new single "alone" via Sony Music UK/RCA Records. Premiered as the 'Hottest Record in the World' on Clara Amfo’s BBC Radio 1 show, "alone" marks a new era for Cat Burns. This moving and sentimental ballad, produced and co-written by Burns, highlights her evolving artistry and emotional depth.

Kenyon Dixon, 'The R&B You Love: Soul of the '70s'

Kenyon Dixon's "The R&B You Love: Soul of the '70s" EP serves as the first installment of the deluxe version of his album "The R&B You Love". The new EP, inspired by the soulful sounds of the 1970s, features the Grammy-nominated single "Lucky," along with tracks like "Too Long," "Never Gonna Give You Up," and "Can I Have This Groove," each embodying the era's essence of love and groove. Dixon, known for co-writing Justin Timberlake's "Drown," is set to perform at the TwoGether Land Festival in Dallas, Texas.

J Balvin, Jowell & Randy, De La Ghetto, 'Triple S'

J Balvin has teamed up with Jowell & Randy, and De La Ghetto to release a new single titled "Triple S." This track marks J Balvin's first release of the year, following his participation in Maluma's "Gafas Negras" from the 2023 album "Don Juan" and other singles like "Amigos." "Triple S" was introduced alongside a Corleone family-esque video, portraying the artists as mafiosos in a dramatic narrative centered around a femme fatale. The song's title, which stands for "Suelta, Soltera, Sin Nadie Que Le Joda" in Spanish, encapsulates themes of independence and empowerment. Produced by Tainy and Subelo Neo, "Triple S" feqatures a reggaeton beat that complements the collaborative energy of the artists.

iann dior, 'BLIND' EP 

"BLIND" is a six-track collection, which was prefaced by the single "House On Fire" along with its music video in February, reveals a more vulnerable side of dior. iann dior describes "BLIND" as a glimpse into a side of himself that he hasn't extensively shown before, indicating a deep personal connection to this project. The EP includes tracks like "Blind Intro," "Crazy for You," "I Think You Should Go," "Kill You Slowly," and "The Funeral," each offering a unique insight into dior's introspective and raw musical narrative.

Griff, 'Miss Me Too'

"Miss Me Too" is the latest single by English singer and songwriter Griff. The track, celebrated for its honest and vulnerable narrative, encapsulates the complex feelings associated with lost connections and the pursuit of self-rediscovery. Griff's ability to convey such universal emotions through her music continues to resonate with fans worldwide, marking "Miss Me Too" as a significant addition to her discography.

Brynn Cartelli, 'OUT OF THE BLUE'

Brynn Cartelli releases her full-length debut album, "OUT OF THE BLUE," through Elektra. The Massachusetts-born and New York-based singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist, known for becoming the youngest champion ever on NBC's "The Voice" Season 14. "OUT OF THE BLUE" unfolds across 14 tracks, including "Beginning Of The End," "Gemini," "Watching My Friends Fall In Love," and "The Blue". The album stands as a vivid portrayal of Cartelli's journey into adulthood, rendered in pop music with a distinctly personal edge.

Lecrae, for KING & COUNTRY, 'I Still Believe'

Lecrae has teamed up with for KING & COUNTRY to release "I Still Believe," a new single that marks a significant collaboration between the Grammy Award-winning artist and the duo. This track, released with an official audio on YouTube, is an uplifting anthem, bringing a powerful message of faith and perseverance. "I Still Believe" features production and co-writing by a talented team, including Joaquin Bynum, Juberlee, Alexandria Dollar, Jordan Dollar, and Tedd T.

Sultane + Shepard, 'Endless, Dawn'

Sultan + Shepard's album "Endless, Dawn," encapsulates the magic of first light with its warm, cadent house beats. This 14-track album of the Canadian duo features collaborations with artists such as Elderbrook, Tishmal, Julia Church, Bridges, Nathan Nicholson, Shallou, Tasha Josephine, Panama, and LANKS. Highlights include "Murmur," "I'll Be Here," "Back Through You," and the title track "Endless, Dawn," each contributing to the album's journey through the electronic dance music.

Sofia Carson, 'Joke's On Me'

Sofia Carson unveils her emotional single "Joke's On Me," a masterful blend of heartfelt lyrics and melancholic melodies released on February 23 via Hollywood Records. Collaborating once again with esteemed producer Johan Carlsson, known for his work with music industry giants like Céline Dion, Ariana Grande, and Katy Perry, Carson continues to display her exceptional talent for storytelling and powerful vocal delivery. The single, a follow-up to her narrative in "I Hope You Know," explores themes of heartbreak and disillusionment. Beyond her music, Carson's significant contributions to entertainment and activism, including her advocacy as a UNICEF Ambassador and recognition by the United Nations Correspondents Association.

Games We Play, 'Life's Going Great'

The highly anticipated debut album by Emmyn Calleiro, the talent behind the solo pop-punk project, Games We Play, shows a blend of ambition, vulnerability, and personal growth. "Life’s Going Great" is described by Calleiro as both a reflection of his dreams coming true and the toughest challenges he's faced, portraying the album as a snapshot of his life over the past year. "too young" is highlighted as the most important song Calleiro has ever made, being most honest and vulnerable.

Jade LeMac, 'Confessions' (Deluxe Version)

Canadian pop sensation Jade LeMac steps back into the limelight with her sophomore EP "Confessions," following her debut "Constellations." Tracks like "Got Me Obsessed" and "Grapevines" have quickly become fan favorites, each amassing over a million streams and earning editorial praise for their emotional depth and lyrical introspection. LeMac describes "Confessions" as a collection of songs each bearing intense feelings that demand acknowledgment.

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