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New Music Friday

New Music Friday: Karol G, Omarion, Reneé Rapp and Megan Thee Stallion, Lil Baby, Chris Grey and More...

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December 15, 2023

On December 15th, 'New Music Friday' showcases an eclectic mix of music from a diverse array of artists. The day is marked by Karol G's vibrant "Que Chimba De Vida," Lil Baby's introspective "Crazy," and the dynamic collaboration of Reneé Rapp and Megan Thee Stallion in "Not My Fault." Chris Grey's emotive "CHAPTER III: ALWAYS" EP and Omarion's soulful "Full Circle: Sonic Book Two"


ew Music Friday, December 15th Edition, introduces a diverse selection of music. Sultan + Shepard and Panama captivate with their track "Falling Behind," while SERA and YouNotUs blend their talents in "I Can't Be The Only One." Greylan James brings a country vibe with "Ain't Thinkin' Bout You," and LAVI$H's "Your Biggest Fan" offers catchy pop rhythms. Kizz Daniel's "Too Busy To Be Bae" adds an Afrobeats flair, demonstrating the rich variety of this week's musical offerings.

Karol G, 'Que Chimba De Vida'

"Que Chimba De Vida" is a dynamic and personal anthem from Karol G, capturing her 2023 journey. The track, featuring Feid, blends infectious rhythms with introspective lyrics, showcasing Karol G's evolution as an artist.

Nicki Minaj, Pink Friday 2 (Gag City Deluxe)

Nicki Minaj's "Pink Friday 2 (Gag City Deluxe)" emerges as a compelling expansion of her already impactful "Pink Friday 2," released just a week prior. This deluxe edition is distinguished by its inclusion of "Beep Beep (Feat. 50 Cent)," "Love Me Enough (Feat. Keyshia Cole & Monica)," and "Nicki Hendrix (Feat. Future)."

Lil Baby, 'Crazy'

Lil Baby released "Crazy" as part of a two-track drop, marking his first solo music of the year. This release, coinciding with his 29th birthday, follows his quiet period after the album "It’s Only Me." "Crazy," alongside the track "350," showcases Lil Baby's distinctive style and lyrical skill, maintaining his strong presence in the rap scene.

Reneé Rapp, Megan Thee Stallion, 'Not My Fault'

"Not My Fault," a collaboration between Reneé Rapp and Megan Thee Stallion, is a highlight of the upcoming Mean Girls remake soundtrack. Reneé Rapp, reprising her Broadway role as Regina George in the film, and Megan Thee Stallion, known for her lyrical flair, bring a unique blend of assertiveness and style to the song.

Eladio Carrion, 'TQMQA'

Eladio Carrión's latest track, "TQMQA," is a captivating addition to his discography. The song is featured on his album "SOL MARÍA" and stands out for its lyrical depth and catchy melody. "TQMQA," an acronym for "Te Quiero Más Que Ayer" (I Love You More Than Yesterday), explores themes of love and desire, with Carrión expressing his feelings in a heartfelt manner.

Omarion, 'Full Circle: Sonic Book Two'

Omarion's "Full Circle: Sonic Book Two" is a soulful exploration in the R&B genre, marking his seventh solo LP. The album features 12 tracks: notable songs include "Black Magic," "The Usual," "I Can't Even Lie," and "Wasabi," showcasing his range from introspective ballads to upbeat rhythms. Collaborations with artists like O'Ryan in "Ice Cream" and BJRNCK in "Taking Off" add depth to the album's narrative.

Anitta, PEDRO SAMPAIO, DENNIS, 'Joga Pra Luna'

Anitta, who has worked with Sampaio and Dennis on previous hits, brings this year to a close with this special release, emphasizing her deep connection to funk. This song, translating to "Play for the Moon," features a sample from "Uva" by Brazilian funk group Os Saradinhos, blending nostalgia with contemporary funk.

John Summit, Mathame, Camden Cox, 'Hangover'

John Summit, known for his dynamic electronic music, and Mathame, recognized for their progressive trance sound, come together with vocalist Camden Cox to create a track that resonates with fans of electronic dance music.

Jagwar Twin, 'Bad Feeling' (Oompa Loompa)

"Bad Feeling (Oompa Loompa)" by Jagwar Twin is a distinctive track that blends whimsical and introspective elements. The song features catchy, eerie lyrics, including a playful nod to "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" with its "Oompa Loompa, Doompety doo" chorus.


Chris Grey's "CHAPTER III: ALWAYS," is an EP featuring tracks like "COLD BLOODED," "MAKEUP," "ALWAYS BEEN YOU," and "US AGAINST THE WORLD." Collaborating with writers like Allegra Jordyn and Mikalyn Hay, the EP highlights Grey's unique musical identity and creative vision.

Lay Bankz, 'Girls Just Wanna'

Lay Bankz's latest release, "Girls Just Wanna," is a vibrant track that showcases her unique style and musical versatility. This engaging song reflects Lay Bankz's ability to create catchy, contemporary music that resonates with her audience.

Sum 41, 'Rise Up'

Sum 41 has released a new single titled "Rise Up," a powerful track from their upcoming final album "Heaven :x: Hell." The album, set to be a double-album, is scheduled for release on March 29, 2024, via Rise Records. Frontman Deryck Whibley shares that writing "Rise Up" reignited the excitement he felt at the beginning of his career. The song also features a cameo from The Offspring's Noodles, adding to its appeal.

Saiko, Yandel, 'CORLEONE'

Saiko and Yandel have teamed up to release a new track "Corleone," the production was handled by Sky, with Saiko contributing as a composer. This collaboration between Saiko and Yandel is a notable addition to the urban music scene, reflecting their ability to create catchy and contemporary music.

Logic, Conway the Machine, Riff Raff, 'Intergalactic Icons'

"Intergalactic Icons" is a collaborative track by Logic, Conway the Machine, and Riff Raff, released on December 15, 2023. This song presents a blend of Logic's lyrical prowess, Conway's gritty rap style, and Riff Raff's unique flair, offering a diverse and dynamic hip-hop experience.

Izzy Spears, 'M*A*D' (Miss American Dream)

Izzy Spears' EP "MAD" (Miss American Dream), is a creative exploration of Americana themes, presented in his distinctive style. The EP's title, inspired by Britney Spears' line from "Gimme More." The EP delves into the pursuit of the American dream, encapsulating Izzy's personal experiences and perspectives.

Two Feet, Ari Abdul, 'KILLANYONE'

"KILL ANYONE" by Two Feet featuring Ari Abdul, released on December 15, 2023, explores a complex romantic relationship marked by unrequited love and intense infatuation. The song's lyrics depict the narrator's deep attraction to someone who remains elusive, highlighting the emotional turmoil and willingness to go to extreme lengths for love.

TWICE, 'Dance Again'

"Dance Again" is the second Japanese digital single by the popular K-pop group TWICE. This single features in the commercial for their Japan "Family Mart" endorsement. The release of this single follows their previous work, "The Remixes" (2023), and precedes their upcoming release "I Got You" (2024).

Bad Gyal, 'Give Me'

Bad Gyal, real name Alba Farelo, is a Spanish artist known for her Auto-Tune use and a blend of dancehall, EDM, reggaeton, and pop. She gained fame with a Catalan cover of Rihanna's "Work" and has hits like "Santa María" and "Alocao" released a new track 'Give Me'.

Kenzie Cait, 'don't break my...'

Kenzie Cait's new song "don't break my..." features bold and assertive lyrics, with a theme of intense romantic desire. The song's catchy chorus and vivid imagery cater to listeners seeking empowering music.

Sultan + Shepard, Panama, 'Falling Behind'

"Falling Behind" is the second single from Sultan + Shepard's upcoming album "Endless, Dawn," set to be released on March 1st. Sultan + Shepard, known for their dynamic electronic music, collaborate with Panama to create a unique sound experience in "Falling Behind."

Greylan James, 'Ain't Thinkin' Bout You"

Greylan James released a song titled "Ain’t Thinkin’ Bout You". The lyrics of the song convey a message about moving on from someone who doesn't reciprocate feelings, with a chorus that emphasizes not thinking about someone who isn't thinking about you.

LAVI$H, 'Your Biggest Fan'

LAVI$H's released "Your Biggest Fan" produced by John Fellner, Trizz, and Harper Gordon, and written by LAVI$H, John Fellner, Harper Gordon, and Michael Williams. The track is characterized by its R&B style and Canadian influence, showcasing LAVI$H's unique sound and lyrical approach. The song's theme revolves around the idea of being deeply devoted to someone, highlighting the emotional intensity of the singer's feelings.

SERA, YouNotUs, 'I Can't Be The Only One'

"I Can’t Be The Only One" is a collaboration between SERA and YouNotUs, featuring introspective lyrics about loneliness and longing in the aftermath of a relationship. The song, produced by YouNotUs and Hitimpulse, showcases SERA's emotive vocals and blends pop elements, highlighting the artists' synergy.

Kizz Daniel, 'Too Busy To Be Bae'

Kizz Daniel, a prominent Nigerian artist known for his unique blend of Afrobeats and pop, released "Too Busy To Be Bae." The song, produced by P.Priime, features catchy melodies and relatable lyrics about prioritizing personal goals over romantic commitments.

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