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New Music Friday: Dua Lipa, Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, Karol G & Tiësto, Katherine Li, Crawlers, and More...

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February 16, 2024

Explore the latest hits from Junior H & Peso Pluma, Yeat, Nep, Ozuna, Chase Mathew among others in our New Music Friday roundup for February 16.


ew Music Friday, February 16 Edition, features highlights such as Dua Lipa's empowering "Training Season," Jennifer Lopez's reflective "This Is Me...Now" (Deluxe), Yeat's innovative "2093," and Little Dume's introspective "Don't Calm Your Waters." Katherine Li delves into the nuances of love in "love, k," while Karol G and Tiësto collaborate on the vibrant "CONTIGO." Ozuna's "Carrusel" skillfully blends Latin pop with urban beats.

Dua Lipa, 'Training Season'

Dua Lipa's newest single from the upcoming third album, takes us on a rollercoaster ride through the dizzying highs and lows of modern dating. Inspired by a series of disappointing dates, Lipa transforms her frustration into an anthem of empowerment and high standards. The production, a collaborative effort with Tame Impala's Kevin Parker and Danny L. Harle, along with lyrical contributions from Tobias Jesso Jr. and Caroline Ailin, ensures that "Training Season" doesn't just resonate on an emotional level but also stands as a sonic delight.

Crawlers, 'The Mess We Seem To Make' (Deluxe)

Crawlers' debut album, "The Mess We Seem To Make," is now available in a deluxe edition, showcasing the band's eclectic alt-rock sound. This eagerly anticipated release builds on the band's established relationship with producer Pete Robinson and engineer Tom Roach at Liverpool’s Coastal Studios. The album delves into a range of challenging topics, including trauma, sexual politics, mental health, and the general experiences of young people's lives

Junior H, Peso Pluma, 'A Tu Manera'

"A Tu Manera" is a collaboration between Junior H and Peso Pluma, produced by Krizous, Jimmy Humilde, and Oscar Garza Hernandez. The lyrics explore themes of love and desire, with a catchy chorus that emphasizes doing things "your way" in a relationship. The track stands out for its fusion of traditional Latin sounds with modern urban beats, reflecting the artists' innovative approach to music-making.

Warren Zeiders, 'Pretty Little Poison' (Deluxe)

Warren Zeiders' "Pretty Little Poison (Deluxe)" album, released on February 16, 2024, expands on the themes and musicality of its standard version with a total of 20 tracks. This deluxe edition includes a mix of heartfelt ballads, acoustic versions, and demos that showcase Zeiders' versatility as an artist within the country genre. Some notable tracks include: "Pretty Little Poison", "Sin So Sweet", "Weeping Willow", "Drive You Crazy", and "God Only Knows". The album features production by Bart Butler, Justin Ebach, and Ross Copperman, among others, and includes a range of contributors in the writing and instrumental departments.

Miles Smith, 'River'

Myles Smith, a singer-songwriter from Luton, has released his new track "River" under RCA Records, marking another significant milestone in his rapidly rising music career. "River" is described by Smith as a song about the journey of understanding and becoming comfortable with one's emotions, even when they're not so pretty. This track reflects his personal growth and the support he's received from friends, family, and therapy. Smith emphasizes that his music aims to capture a feeling rather than perfection, a sentiment that resonates deeply in "River."

Katherine Li, 'love, k'

Katherine Li's sophomore EP, "love, k," is described by the artist as an exploration of themes such as unrequited love, insecurities, and overthinking, encapsulating all the things one might be too afraid to say. It's an EP for the hopeless romantics caught in a loop of almost-relationships that never seem to work out. "love, k" begins with "Fell First, Fell Hard," setting the tone for the EP with its acoustic warmth and gradual build-up. Li's songwriting shines through the entire project, with each track meticulously crafted to highlight her introspective lyrics and melodic sensibilities.

Beyonce, 'Texas Hold 'Em'

Beyoncé's "Texas Hold 'Em" emerges as a co-lead single from her eighth studio album, Renaissance Act II, surprise-released on February 11, 2024, coinciding with the Super Bowl. The track, featuring a twangy beat and playful swagger, is an ode to Beyoncé's Southern roots, blending country music elements with her signature style. Collaborators include Lowell, Megan Bülow, Raphael Saadiq, and producers Killah B and Nathan Ferraro. "Texas Hold 'Em" marks another foray into country for Beyoncé, following "Daddy Lessons" from her 2016 album Lemonade.

Chase Matthew, 'We All Grow Up'

Chase Matthew has released his new EP titled "We All Grow Up," showcasing his evolution as one of country music's boldest new voices. "We All Grow Up" is a mix of backroad swagger and tales of broken hearts, reflecting Matthew's country roots and personal experiences. The EP includes his debut single "Love You Again," which is nearing the Top 30 at Country radio. Matthew's work has not only earned him a massive following on social media but also recognition as "One to Watch" by HITS and a spot in MusicRow’s Next Big Thing Class of 2024.

John Summit, Hayla, 'Shiver'

John Summit and Hayla have teamed up to release a new track titled "Shiver," a collaboration that has been eagerly anticipated by fans of both artists. "Shiver" is  a beautiful blend of Hayla's powerful vocals, intricate melodies, and compelling electronic production. The lyrics explore feeling of longing for closeness and desire: "And I feel it now / Want this forever / And I feel it now / You make me shiver".

Jennifer Lopez, 'This Is Me...Now' (Deluxe)

Jennifer Lopez's eagerly awaited new album, "This Is Me…Now," marks J. Lo's ninth studio album and her first full-length solo release in nearly a decade since 2014's "A.K.A.," which reached No. 8 on the Billboard 200 and featured charting singles like “I Luh Ya Papi,” “First Love,” and “Booty.” "This Is Me…Now" serves as a sister album to 2002’s "This Is Me…Then," which was dedicated to her partner at the time, Ben Affleck. Lopez and Affleck have since rekindled their romance and married in 2022. The album is a collaborative effort, written and executive produced by Lopez alongside Rogét Chayed, with additional production and songwriting contributions from Jeff “Gitty” Gitelman, HitBoy, Angel Lopez, Drew Love, INK, and Prince Chrishan. BMG’s Brandon Riester is credited as A&R for the project.

Gryffin, Rita Ora, 'Last Of Us'

"Last of Us" is a collaborative track by Gryffin and Rita Ora, accompanied by an official music video. The song is part of Rita Ora's album 'YOU & I,' showcasing a blend of Gryffin's electronic music prowess with Rita Ora's vocal talents. The production credits for the "Last of Us" music video include director Dumisiwo and production company Firmative Media, among others, indicating a high-quality visual accompaniment to the song.

Mother Mother, 'Grief Chapter'

Mother Mother's ninth studio release, Grief Chapter, debuted on February 16, 2024, via Warner Records, showcasing a poignant exploration of death, mourning, and the essence of living fully. Produced by Ryan Guldemond and Jason Van Poederooyen, the album spans 40 minutes and 22 seconds across 12 tracks, blending indie rock's vibrancy with introspective lyrics on existential themes. Featuring singles like "Normalize" and "The Matrix," Grief Chapter delves into the dichotomy of grief and the celebration of life through a rich tapestry of sound, marked by additional musicians' contributions and a refined production that amplifies its thematic depth.

TAYA, 'Gonna Be Good'

TAYA's song "Gonna Be Good" is a vibrant and uplifting track that showcases her exceptional vocal talent and positive messaging. Released under the license to Capitol CMG, Inc. / Invorto, LLC, the official music video for "Gonna Be Good" is available on YouTube, providing fans with a visual representation of the song's hopeful and encouraging themes. The song's lyrics focus on trust and optimism, emphasizing a faith-driven perspective that looks forward to good things regardless of current circumstances. Lines like "Look at the birds, How free they fly" and "I may not know where we’re going, But I know that it’s gonna be good" reflect a deep sense of peace and assurance.

Yeat, '2093'

Initially, fans anticipated a deluxe version of "AftërLyfe," following Yeat's third studio album, but Yeat shifted direction to release "2093" instead. The album features a mix of collaborators, including Lil Wayne and Future, and is produced by a diverse group of producers such as 730hahah, Aaron Shadrow, and AM (Producer), among others. "2093" includes 22 tracks, notably "Psycho CEO," "Power Trip," and "Breathe," with "Stand On It" featuring Future and "Lyfestylë" with Lil Wayne, highlighting the album's collaborative spirit.

Reggie Becton, Mayila, 'Just Friends'

The lyrics of "Just Friends" explore themes of longing, confusion, and the desire to maintain a friendship despite the temptation to blur the lines. The chorus, "Can we, can we just? Can we, can we just? Can we, can we just be friends?" encapsulates the central dilemma of the song, highlighting the struggle to define the relationship clearly. Written by Aidan Carroll, Mayila, and Reggie Becton, "Just Friends" is characterized by its R&B genre, offering a smooth and reflective musical backdrop to the lyrics. The collaboration between Reggie Becton and Mayila brings together their unique vocal styles and perspectives, creating a compelling narrative that resonates with listeners who have experienced similar situations.

Little Dume, 'Don't Calm Your Waters'

Little Dume, a band of brothers and long-time friends from Malibu, California, has carved a unique niche in the alternative music scene with their deeply personal and emotionally resonant sound. Their latest album, "Don't Calm Your Waters," a collection of songs delves into themes of love, personal growth, and the complexities of human connection. With a discography that includes singles like "Weird Kid," "Adrenaline," and "Ocean," Little Dume continues to offer listeners a window into their world, where family comes first and music serves as a universal language of emotion and experience.

Josh Ross, 'Matching Tattoos'

Josh Ross's "Matching Tattoos," strikes a chord with its raw take on love's lasting marks, much like the indelible ink of a tattoo. This single, emerging from The Core Entertainment and Universal Music Canada, wraps listeners in the bittersweet reality of love that lingers long after it's gone. Ross's knack for storytelling shines through, turning personal reflections into a universal tale of love, loss, and the tattoos we carry in our hearts. It's a song that resonates deeply, reminding us of love's enduring imprint.

Nep, 'Cottontail'

Nep, a 20-year-old artist and sound engineering student from Miami, brings a fresh perspective to music with her knack for blending genres and crafting stories through her songs. Her work, including the "Cottontail" EP, showcases her journey through sound, emotion, and narrative, highlighting her as a rising talent with a passion for exploring the depths of musical storytelling.

Karol G, Tiësto, 'CONTIGO'

Karol G has unveiled a new music video for her song "Contigo," featuring an appearance by Young Miko. The track, a collaboration with Tiësto, was released in celebration of both Valentine's Day and Karol G's birthday. "Contigo" interestingly interpolates Leona Lewis’ 2007 hit "Bleeding Love," originally written by Jesse McCartney and One Republic’s Ryan Tedder, and transforms it into a club anthem with Tiësto's touch. This release follows Karol G's historic win at the Grammys, where she became the first woman to win the Best Musica Urbana Album category for her 2023 LP "Mañana Será Bonito." "Contigo" adds to Karol G's repertoire of hits, celebrating love and the connections that music can forge.

Friko, 'Where we've been, Where we go from here'

Friko's debut album, "Where we've been, Where we go from here," features nine tracks that encapsulate a journey of collective catharsis through a blend of post-punk, chamber-pop, and experimental rock. Vocalist/guitarist Niko Kapetan and drummer Bailey Minzenberger, along with their ensemble, create an exhilarating musical experience that magnifies the power of their music with spirited vocals and poetic, explosive compositions.

Calvin Harris, Rug'n'Bone, 'Lovers In A Past Life'

Calvin Harris and Rag'n'Bone Man have teamed up to release "Lovers In A Past Life," a track that combines Harris's signature electronic production with Rag'n'Bone Man's soulful vocals. The song, accompanied by an official lyric video, explores themes of timeless love and connection, suggesting a bond that transcends a single lifetime. The lyrics paint a picture of two people who feel as though they have known each other in a previous existence, with lines like "We were lovers in a past life, Slow dancing in the midnight glow."

KB, 'His Glory' (Deluxe)

KB's "His Glory Alone II Deluxe" expands his exploration of faith and perseverance. This deluxe edition adds new tracks to the original album, showcasing KB's blend of gospel, rap, and hip-hop. Known for messages of hope and empowerment, the album reflects KB's commitment to spiritual reflection through music.

Royal & the Serpent, GAYLE, 'kinda smacks'

Royal & the Serpent and GAYLE have teamed up for "kinda smacks". Produced by Nick Sarazen & Peter Thomas, the song humorously explores the conflicted feelings of enjoying an ex's music. With catchy lyrics like "Your ex-boyfriend's music kinda smacks / And it makes me kinda sad / 'Cause I can't stop listening," the track delves into the complexities of modern relationships through music.

Mark Ambor, 'Belong Together'

The song "Belong Together" by Mark Ambor celebrates the idea that some relationships are meant to be, highlighting the natural bond and understanding that exists between partners. The production elements of the song, combined with Ambor's lyrical storytelling, create a resonant piece that speaks to the listener on a personal level. Ambor not only wrote but also produced the track alongside Noel Zancanella, with mixing by Joe Zook and mastering by John Greenham. The official video for the song, available on YouTube, was shot and edited by Ryan Falcoa.

Martin Garrix, Third Party, Oaks, Declan J Donovan, 'Carry You'

Martin Garrix has teamed up with Third Party, Oaks, and Declan J Donovan to release a new single titled "Carry You." This collaboration brings together Garrix's signature electronic music style with the distinct sounds of Third Party, Oaks, and Declan J Donovan, creating a unique and compelling track. The track is part of Garrix's ongoing efforts to explore new sounds and collaborations, further establishing his position as a leading figure in the electronic music scene.

Ozuna, 'Carrusel'

Ozuna's song "Carrusel," released on February 13, 2024, is a vibrant addition to his discography, blending his signature Latin pop and urban sounds. The song opens with a poignant question, "¿Ahora cómo diablos te olvido?" (Now how the hell do I forget you?), setting the tone for a track that delves into the pain of trying to move on from a past relationship, with Ozuna's smooth vocal delivery over catchy rhythms. The song's introspective nature, combined with its upbeat melody, showcases Ozuna's ability to connect with listeners on an emotional level while keeping them engaged musically.

Lily Meola, 'Over the Moon'

Lily Meola has made a heartfelt return with her new single and video, "Over The Moon." This release marks a vulnerable exploration for the artist, offering listeners a raw and introspective look into her personal journey, particularly around navigating depression. The Maui-born singer-songwriter's latest work is characterized by its emotional depth, with a composition that weaves pensive piano melodies and orchestral strings to enrich the track's melancholic atmosphere.

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