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Vultures 1

Kanye West's 'Vultures 1' Hits No. 1 in Israel Despite Antisemetic Comments

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February 12, 2024

Ye's "Vultures 1" climbs to number one in Israel, even as he faces backlash for antisemitic comments.


an unexpected twist on the charts, Kanye West's latest album "Vultures 1" has taken the top spot in Israel despite the star's recent controversial remarks about Jewish people. Within this body of work, Kanye, now legally known as Ye, incorporates several references that would seemingly conflict with this commercial success, especially considering his past tweets and comments that have been widely regarded as offensive and antisemitic.

On Vultures' attention-grabbing opening track, "Stars," Kanye raps, "Keep a few Jews on the staff now." In the incendiary title track, "Vultures," he says, "How I'm anti-Semitic? I just fucked a Jewish bitch; I just fucked Scooter's bitch," which adds a layer of personal attack aimed at music executive Scooter Braun. Then, in "King," he sings, "Crazy, bipolar, antisemite; And I'm still the king," almost wear an antisemitic tag as a badge of his unaffected royalty. Cockiness, criticism, and bravado merge in these lyrics, all hallmark traits of Ye's controversial career.

These instances point toward a perplexing relationship between Kanye's public persona and his music's reception. His previous tweets, where he mentioned being "a bit sleepy tonight but when I wake up I’m going death con 3 On JEWISH PEOPLE," sparked understandable outrage. These comments were part of a series of tweets he posted in October 2022 that led to significant backlash and business repercussions, including his temporary suspension from Twitter and severed ties with major corporate partners. The offending tweets have since been deleted.

Yet, despite all this, "Vultures" has soared to number 1 in Israel, an accomplishment that raises questions about how audiences separate or conflate the artist's art and personal beliefs. Perhaps it speaks to the complexities of cancel culture, the steadfast appeal of Kanye's musical genius, or the varied interpretations of his provocative artistry. Or maybe it suggests that, in the arena of music, listeners are willing to compartmentalize in favor of appreciating creative output.

What remains clear is that Kanye West continues to be a polarizing figure, capable of igniting controversy while simultaneously capturing the charts, even in places where his remarks have ruffled feathers. "Vultures," with its contradictory themes and marred by the artist's volatile reputation, demonstrates the enigmatic power of music to transcend boundaries and, sometimes, sensibilities.

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