Ye, Kanye West and Bianca Censori's selfie posing in front of the mirror in a hotel room in a Matrix-like black leather coats. Bianca wears a very provocative small bikini and leather corset under the coat>

Kanye West in Hot Waters AGAIN After Posting Barely Nude Images of Bianca Censori

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January 2, 2024

Kanye West ignites controversy yet again with a series of provocative Instagram posts featuring his wife, Bianca Censori, just days after his public apology to the Jewish community, raising questions about his intentions ahead of his upcoming album release.


anye West, the 46-year-old rapper and fashion provocateur, has once again captured the public's attention with a series of controversial images posted on his Instagram on Tuesday, January 2. This unexpected move comes just a week after West rebranded his Instagram page and issued a public apology to the Jewish community, signaling a fresh start.

The first image in the series presents Bianca Censori, West's wife, in a highly suggestive pose. She is seen wearing a tiny black thong, so inconspicuous that it almost escapes notice, and a DIY fur top that barely covers her breasts. Her arms are positioned behind her torso, and she is adorned with black sock-like pointy shoes and surrounded by numerous fur scarfs. This portrayal places Censori in a vulnerable and submissive state, akin to a hunting trophy. The caption accompanying this image reads, "No pants this year."

Bianca Censori wearing tiny black thong and DIY fur top via Kanye West's IG

A minute later, West shared a second image. It features him in a Matrix-inspired black long coat, taking a mirror selfie with Censori in a hotel room. In this photo, Censori's attire includes knee-high black leather pointy-toe shoes, a small thong, a leather corset, and a minuscule bikini bra that barely covers her nipples, all topped off with a black leather coat matching West's. The image was posted without a caption.

Kanye West (Ye) and his wife Biance Censorinwearing Matrix-like black coat over Bianca's very provocative black lingerie

The third image followed shortly thereafter, showing Censori in the same outfit as in the second photo, minus the coat. She is depicted slightly bent over, looking down in a hotel bathroom, with the caption: "Dropped sumn?" from Kanye.

Kanye West (Ye) posts image of Bianca Censori in a tiny bra barely covering her nipples, small underwear and a black leather corset in a hotel bathroom (Via Ye's IG feed)

The immediate reaction in the comment section was a mix of concern, criticism, and speculation. One fan commented on the "classic Kanye cycle: announce album, delay it, have mental breakdown, disappear." Another questioned West's respect for his wife. Some fans noted Censori's apparent fear in the images and her undeniable resemblance to West's ex-wife, Kim Kardashian, with whom he shares four children. "Blink twice, if you need help," addressing Bianca. Amidst the varied responses, some fans expressed concern for West's well-being, urging him to stay focused on his mission, "Don't lose sight of the mission or steer off the path bro. Remember your calling Ye", as well as "I'm praying for him to get back to Kanye we all know".

West is no stranger to scandals involving his new spouse and their fashion choices. In September, the internet was abuzz with disturbing images from the couple's visit to Italy. During this trip, Venice police became involved due to indecent behavior after West was spotted with his pants down and Censori's head resting on his knees while riding a water taxi. Censori also faced scrutiny for wearing an almost transparent nude-colored outfit, consisting of pants resembling sheer tights and a very transparent bra-top.

Meanwhile, West previously announced a new album, "Vultures," originally set for release in early December, then delayed to December 31. As of now, the new release date is set for January 12. Whether these images are a strategic move to garner attention before the album's release or a diversionary tactic remains to be seen. However, they undoubtedly add another chapter to West's history of controversial and headline-grabbing actions.

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