Jung Kook appeared at the tonights show starring Jimmy Fallon on November 6, 2023
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Jung Kook Discusses 'Seven's' Platinum Success, 'Golden' Insights and Solo Tour on 'The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon

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November 9, 2023

Jung Kook of BTS fame graces 'The Tonight Show' with tales of his chart-topping single 'Seven,' the deep-seated meaning behind his solo album 'Golden,' and a serendipitous nap that captivated millions.


the November 6, Jung Kook, of the global phenomenon BTS, made a triumphant return to "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon," greeted by a thunderous mix of cheers and applause.

With infectious zeal, Fallon listed milestones such as BTS's five Grammy nominations and the billion streams of Jung Kook's single "Seven." This track, released on July 14, soared up the charts, securing platinum status in a mere 106 days—a feat that Fallon announced live on the show. As Fallon extolled Jung Kook's successes, the artist, with humility, responded, "You really make it sound like I'm a global pop star," and added in Korean, "Frankly speaking, I was confident, but this is beyond my imagination. And Im very grateful to ARMY (the word ARMY is an acronym for “Adorable Representative MC For Youth”). Because if it was not for the ARMY, it would not be possible. This exchange underscored the deep bond between the artist and his fans.

Jung Kook's portrayal throughout the interview was that of a superstar grounded in the everyman's reality. When quizzed about his offstage life, he remarked, "Pretty ordinary, like many people. Like, sometimes I spend my whole day in bed," a confession that echoed the simplicity of routine life. His forays into cooking, whether it be noodle-making or pizza baking, were recounted with a levity that contrasted the weight of his professional life.

Fallon took the chance to immerse Jung Kook in a piece of New York's essence, offering him a slice from Joe's Pizza, a cherished local establishment. This exchange over pizza was more than a shared meal; it was an act of cultural connection, with Fallon as the culinary envoy of the city's renowned flavors.

The dialogue took a humorous detour when Fallon broached the topic of Jung Kook's microwave aversion, a childhood fear that amusingly lingered. His frank admission, "I always worry it will explode. I don't know, like... Boom," paired with a spontaneous miming of an explosion, elicited chuckles, revealing his knack for connecting through shared, albeit unique, human experiences.

Jimmy Fallon also touched on the famous live-stream from June 12, 2023, when Jung Kook, unable to sleep, decided to connect with his fans via a live stream on Weverse. As the live stream progressed, the unexpected happened: Jung Kook fell asleep. This simple act of slumber turned into a shared experience for nearly 6 million viewers who continued to watch him sleep for 21 minutes. The incident became a trending topic on Twitter, amassing 890,000 tweets in a few hours, as fans expressed their adoration and amusement. Though, referred by Jung Kook as an embarrassing moment, the live stream became a heartfelt reminder of the comfort and joy that fans find in even the most mundane aspects of their favorite artist's life.

The discussion then veered towards the significance of his album's title, "Golden." Fallon noted the nickname 'Golden Maknae,' referring to Jung Kook's status as the youngest member of BTS. Jung Kook than shared a very personal sentiment, "I have a lot of association to the term 'golden,' and when my mom was pregnant, she saw a golden dream," he said, referencing a positive omen in Korean culture. He continued, "And when I look back on my journey, it's very much a golden moment. So when I thought about the title of the album, 'golden' was the only thing that came to my mind." This insight shed light on the introspective nature of his artistry.

When asked about what he holds in highest regard, Jung Kook's answer was steeped in sincerity and appreciation: "The two things I'm proudest of are ARMY and BTS. Without them, I wouldn't be the person I am today." This acknowledgment spoke volumes of the collective odyssey and triumphs that have come to define the narrative of BTS.

The platform also allowed Jung Kook to announce an impending live-stream concert from Seoul's Jangchung Arena, scheduled for November 20. Addressing the prospect of a 'Golden" world tour, Jung Kook openly admitted his current solo repertoire was not extensive enough for a tour but expressed his commitment to evolving his music. He conveyed his eagerness for a future solo tour, saying, "When I'm ready, I can do a tour in a full swing." This foresight not only hinted at his future ambitions but also emphasized his meticulous approach to his burgeoning solo career.

The segment reached its peak with Jung Kook teaching Fallon some choreography from "Standing Next to You". Later in the episode, Jung Kook delivered a riveting TV debut of "Standing Next to You." His artistry shone as he transitioned from a solo introduction to a synchronized routine with a troupe of male dancers. The complex choreography was performed with precision, underscoring Jung Kook's commanding presence as a performer.

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