Nicki Minaj reacts to Roman Portrait from Funny Marco in "open thoughts" episode from December 25
Roman's Portrait

Funny Marco's Portrait of Nicki Minaj on 'Open Thoughts': Her Reaction is Priceless

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December 25, 2023

Nicki Minaj was taken aback by Funny Marco's striking depiction of her alter ego, Roman, in "Open Thoughts" episode.


icki Minaj and Funny Marco sat down for an interview in a new episode of "Open Thoughts," released on December 25. The conversation was flowing until Funny Marco really shook things up by unveiling two custom paintings for Nicki Minaj.

He was fully committed, declaring, "I took my time with this, this is the best." Minaj, clearly touched, thanked him and playfully pointed out something quirky about the eyes in one of the paintings. Marco had a favorite, one he believed truly captured Minaj at her best. She was gracious, responding, "Yeah, thank you. It's beautiful. What else did you get?" Then came the second painting, with Marco explaining, "This one right here, it's like the inside part of you, like your alter ego Roman, yeah?" And let's just say, Minaj's expression alone spoke volumes.

Funny Marco holds Portrait of Nicki Minaj, depicting Roman
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