Dua Lipa performs 'Houdini' Live in London Sessions

Dua Lipa Unleashes 'Houdini' in a Dazzling Live London Session

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January 12, 2024

Captivating fans with her fiery presence and a fresh sound twist, Dua Lipa's live London Session of 'Houdini' reimagines the chart-topping hit with unparalleled style and energy.


January 12, Dua Lipa surprised her fanbase with the release of a live London Session of her single "Houdini." The announcement, made via her Instagram, was succinct yet impactful: "Of course we had to do Houdini live version for youuu 🔐~ London Sessions ~ OUT NOW!!!"

The session presented Lipa in a visually striking ensemble: fiery red hair, cat-eye liner, a black long sleeve emblazoned with 'Teen Stars 3D,' ruffled black leather shorts, and laced-up high platform boots. This choice of attire, bold and distinctive, complemented her performance style.
Accompanied by her band, including drums, keys, guitars, and backing vocalists, the session underscored Lipa's ability to command a stage with both her presence and vocal prowess.

This live rendition follows the December 22 release of the "Houdini" mix by Adam Port, which introduced a house flavor to the track. The mix received mixed reactions, with some fans expressing a desire for an extended version, while others felt it diverged from the original's essence.

The original "Houdini," released on November 10, 2023, has been a significant success, amassing over 115.7 million streams on Spotify. Its blend of nu-disco, pop, electronica, post-disco, and neo-psychedelia, coupled with its chart performance – debuting at number one in several countries and featuring in the top ten in others – set a high standard for any subsequent versions.

Dua Lipa - Houdini London Live Session:

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