Dimash Kudaibergen wearing red oversized suit with sleek hairstyle, surrounded by armed men in music video 'Smoke', released May 29, 2024
Don't play with fire

Dimash Qudaibergen Lives 007 Fantasy in "Smoke" Music Video

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May 29, 2024

Dimash Qudaibergen transforms into a secret agent in the cinematic music video for his latest single "Smoke," released today, May 29, 2024, blending his remarkable vocal talent with a high-stakes narrative.


imash Qudaibergen, the renowned Kazakh singer, composer, and multi-instrumentalist, brings his latest single "Smoke" to life in a thrilling music video released today, May 29, 2024. The single itself was released on April 26, 2024, adding anticipation to the visual narrative.

The music video for "Smoke" opens with an intense scene: "Agent DQ, we need help. You need to hold a call with drug dealers from the Drug Lord's phone for about two minutes. Can you handle it?" asks his handler over the phone. "Easy," Dimash replies confidently, setting the stage for a high-stakes mission.

Shot in elaborate locations between the USA and Kazakhstan, the video is directed by Galym Assylov and Dmitry Lysan, with Kanat Aitbayev serving as the general producer. Dimash, the author of the concept, is seen donning an oversized red suit and a sleek haircut, embodying the suave sophistication of a top K-Pop star. The narrative unfolds with Dimash mesmerizing security and a gang crew with his otherworldly vocals, completing his task. (Music video and the lyrics can be found below).

Dimash Qudaibergen, born on May 24, 1994, in Aktobe, Kazakhstan, is celebrated globally for his extraordinary vocal range spanning six octaves. His rise to international fame was catapulted by his participation in the Chinese TV show "Singer" in 2017, where he captivated audiences with his vocal prowess and dynamic performances.

The "Smoke" music video is a perfect example of his ability to merge his musical talents with visual artistry, creating a compelling narrative that leaves a lasting impression.

Dimash Qudaibergen - "SMOKE" Official Music Video:

Dimash Qudaibergen - "SMOKE" Lyrics:

Verse 1:

Can't stop the heat in my veins,

Bad blood is my DNA

Can't hold me.

Feels like the world is my stage,

And I'm out here making waves for glory.

Run from the rumors ya heard,

Don't get too close, baby, you could get burned.

Locked, loaded, ready to go-oh-oh-ot-oh


Don't play with the fire,

Ready for the smoke.

Don't play with the fire,

Ready for the...

Verse 2:

I got the ice in my eyes,

'Cause I'm the dangerous kind,

I warned you.

My love, it comes with a price,

I am the bullet who'll never miss you.

I love to cross all the lines,

Yeah, that means that I'll double cross you.

Locked, loaded, ready to go.


Don't play with the fire,

Ready for the smoke.

Don't play with the fire,

Ready for the...

Don't play with the fire,

Ready for the smoke.

Don't play with the fire,

Ready for the...

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