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42 Dugg Drops Authentic and Gritty '4eva Us Neva Them'

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July 5, 2024

42 Dugg's "4eva Us Neva Them" is a raw and powerful journey through his life experiences, marked by resilience and a deep connection to his Detroit roots.


Dugg, the Detroit rapper known for his unfiltered storytelling and distinctive voice, has once again captured the attention of the hip-hop world with his latest album, "4eva Us Neva Them." Released under CMG/4PF/Interscope Records, this album marks a significant moment in Dugg's career, reflecting his growth both as an artist and as a person.

Born Dion Marquise Hayes on November 25, 1995, in Detroit, Michigan, Dugg's life has been a rollercoaster of challenges and triumphs. His early days in the industry were marked by gritty mixtapes that showcased his raw talent, eventually leading to his signing with Yo Gotti's CMG and Lil Baby's 4PF labels. This partnership propelled him into the mainstream, but it was his personal journey that truly shaped his music.

"4eva Us Neva Them" is a deeply personal project that mirrors Dugg's own experiences, particularly his recent stint in prison. Serving a year and a half behind bars gave him a lot to reflect on, and this album is a testament to that period of introspection and resilience. With 22 tracks, each song delves into different facets of his life, offering a gritty yet authentic narrative.

The lead single, "Win Wit Us," is a powerful anthem that sets the tone for the album. Produced by FLEXONTHEBEAT, TyMaz, and Marshak, the track is a declaration of loyalty and dominance. The music video, directed by Counter Point, captures Dugg and his crew in various Detroit locations, highlighting their unity and confidence.

A standout track on the album is "N.P.O.," featuring the bold and dynamic Sexyy Red. This collaboration infuses the album with an energetic vibe, showcasing a synergy that elevates the overall sound.

The themes throughout "4eva Us Neva Them" are heavily influenced by Dugg's prison experiences. He has been candid about the harsh conditions he faced, from heating food with shower water to the emotional strain of being away from his family. These raw and real experiences are woven into the fabric of the album, giving it a depth and authenticity that resonates deeply with listeners.

In various interviews, Dugg has shared how his time in prison made him more self-aware and determined to avoid future legal troubles. His commitment to his music and his fans is evident, and it’s clear that he has emerged from this challenging period with a renewed sense of purpose.

One of the most poignant moments following his release was the welcome home show he held in Detroit. This event was not just a celebration of his return but also a testament to his connection with his hometown and his fans. Yo Gotti's attendance, despite personal tragedies, highlighted the strong support system Dugg has within the industry.

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