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Jun 10, 2024 3:10 PM
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Jun 10, 2024

TWENY presents new talanted artists and their recent releases.

Miedija, portrait

"I make instinctive music," in his own words. Miedjia, a singer/rapper originally from Abidjan and currently residing in France, evolves in an eclectic universe where the sole purpose is to create music that we love, letting the spirits speak.

Racasse, cover art

Racasse is a multidisciplinary artist from the Montreal area (Quebec, Canada). Mainly known for his jazzy Lofi instrumental beats, he also works on various projects of all kinds, some of which include his lyrics in both French and English.The beatmaker, singer-songwriter has also collaborated with a variety of well-known artists, including DJ Champion, Simon Morin, Larry Jenkins Jr. (winner of one of the prestigious Grammy Awards), and others.

 Next Promises, portrait
Next Promises

Next Promises is a dynamic DJ/producer duo from Paris, featuring Henri Cornil and Matteo Marion. Starting in 2015 as Vorden, they played at clubs and school parties in their hometown.

Focused on innovation, their sound blends melodic and cinematic breakdowns with energetic electro drops. In 2020, they debuted as Next Promises with "Never Gonna Be the Same" on Hardwell's Revealed Recordings, marking the start of an exciting new chapter.

 Crystal Toto, portrait
Crystal Toto

Crystal Toto is an emerging artist who stands out for her innovative approach to electronic music. Her track "Ache" perfectly embodies her unique style, blending mesmerizing rhythms with atmospheric melodies. The "Melancholy Girl from Chicago" skillfully fuses melodic techno with ambient influences, creating a work that is both powerful and introspective.

 Thoj, portrait

Thoj is an electronic music producer and saxophonist from The French riviera, a true artist who's always looking for new ideas. His music is popular on the radio( NRJ, Virgin..) and he already has collaborations with artists like Synapson, Fabich, but also a remix for The Avener for his track "Under the WaterFall" wich was a real hit.

 Dougy, portrait

His first concert in Byron Bay was life-changing. Dougy hones his Roots, Rub to Dub, and Dancehall music as he travels, inspiring hope with his bilingual lyrics. In Australia, he was the MC for the country's most famous reggae nights, created in 2013 with his crew, the 4'20. He has performed over 450 concerts in 13 countries, including major festivals like Rototom (ES), Reggae Sun Ska (FR), and Boomtown Fair (UK).

 Mr. Ours, portrait
Mr. Ours

Mr. Ours emerges from hibernation to move crowds and thrill eardrums. A French electro hip-hop artist, he blends funk, hip hop, bass music, and electro, delivering good vibes, powerful rhythms, and catchy melodies since 2014. A true stage beast, he surprises audiences with original, powerful mixes, conquering crowds with his music and good humor.

 Harbinger, portrait

Harbinger is a dream, one of venturing into space, but replacing the shuttle with analog synths and other machines. Its distinctive style is marked by atmospheric sound textures and captivating rhythms, carrying the listener on an immersive journey through the vast expanses of space. Through his compositions, he seeks to capture the essence of cosmic exploration, using sounds that evoke images of vast galaxies, interstellar voyages, and the mysteries of the universe.

 Pan Galactic Garden, portrait
Pan Galactic Garden

Pan Galactic Garden is a duo formed of Noémie and Vivian. They create smooth music and existentialist psychedelic videos. The influences of their " Pan Galactic Garden" are mainly funk, pop, dub, psychedelic rock but many Indian, Arabic, Japanese, African or Caribbean colors.

 Abstraal, portrait

The genesis of the duo Abstraal, formed by Alex and Tutti, takes place between Paris and Lyon. Boosted by their captivating set for Cercle, the duo's productions are regularly placed in the Top Charts of the Melodic Techno genre. Their music is acclaimed, played, and supported by major figures in the genre such as Tale of Us, Adriatique, Innellea, Magdalena, Oostil, and Korolova. Iconic artists like John Digweed, Joris Voorn, and Sasha have embraced and propelled the duo's tracks in their sets.

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