Discover New Release of Faubourg: 'From Montreal to Paris'

Jun 11, 2024 6:10 PM
 Eastern Daylight Time
Jun 11, 2024

Faubourg is a composer, producer, and sound designer. For over ten years, he has collaborated internationally with artists and filmmakers. His career has been influenced by his extensive travels.

Faubourg creates a unique style of music by blending trip-hop, electronica, sound design, and R&B through a sensitive and personal prism. He combines powerful synths, emotional landscapes, and vibrant rhythms. On the border of multiple movements and at the crossroads of different worlds, he carves out a niche with a melancholic approach where light is never far away.

Some of his notable references include the Dubai World Expo, NOOR Festival, Futuroscope, Guerlain, and Cartier.

From Montreal to Paris is an initiatory album, conceived, composed, and produced along the journey between two continents.

As Faubourg's first album, envisioned like a mixtape, the LP consists of 12 electronic music tracks with touches of pop, trip-hop, electronica, and hip-hop. An elegant, dreamlike, and powerful album, it reflects the artist's inner journey through a life that has seen him traverse the Atlantic, living in North America, Australia, and France. Composed and produced across multiple continents, this album narrates a musical heritage and marks the starting point toward new horizons.

From Montreal to Paris is also the story of numerous collaborations. Faubourg has successively worked with Jon Malkin, who co-produced part of the album, as well as artists Rosko John (Archive), Reslinger, Roya Arab (Archive), Rith Banney, and more.



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