Marble Sounds Returns With Sparkling Indie Pop Single ‘An Emotional High’

Jun 11, 2024 6:40 PM
 Eastern Daylight Time
Jun 11, 2024

Marble Sounds have been one of the most unique bands coming out of the Low Countries for years, with driving force Pieter Van Dessel never stopping to challenge himself musically. In 2013 he scored an instant classic with single ‘Leave A Light On’, and when his fifth and eponymous album landed in 2022, it was showered with praise, one of the highlights being an invitation for the legendary Dutch live show ‘2 Meter Sessies’. Singles like ‘Quiet’ and ‘Axolotl’ conquered airwaves and alternative charts, and the band’s wonderfully lush orchestrated indie pop enraptured live audiences all around.

For his new and sixth album, arriving in early 2025, Van Dessel is changing course.

“With the previous album I had the feeling I’d reached a point where I couldn’t do better. So instead of trying to top that album, I’ve made a different one. Less melancholy, more clean-cut pop songs and choruses. The previous album aimed for the heart, this one goes for the gut. It contains several references to my childhood’s music memories, especially from the 80s.”

Piano and strings make way for a ‘deeper’, almost electronic and pure pop sound with synths boasting a Giorgio Moroder vibe. First single is ‘An Emotional High’, sparkling and epic indie pop that smells like summertime with friends and fun.

The new album, once again produced by Van Dessel himself, is coming out in February 2025. The supporting release tour in spring brings Marble Sounds to some of the loveliest venues in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany.

Marble Sounds, 'An Emotional High':


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Release Summary

Marble Sounds releases new single 'An Emotional High'.

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