ASPEN And Liv Hanna Released A New Single 'Endgame'

Jun 14, 2024 1:15 PM
 Eastern Daylight Time
Jun 14, 2024

Last month, on the same day, the world was blessed with two singles, "Sweetest Mistake" and "Sign It on the Line," the former by DJ and producer ASPEN and latter by singer-songwriter and model Liv Hanna. Ironically, the two rising stars have now teamed up to release, "Endgame." "Endgame" blends ASPEN's downtempo Electronic sound with Liv Hanna's emotive Pop vocals.

ASPEN, photo credit: Matt Liebman
ASPEN, photo credit: Matt Liebman
Liv Hanna, photo credit: Capri Krontz
Liv Hanna, photo credit: Capri Krontz

"Endgame" is an EDM track that is on-brand for ASPEN, but it is a style of music that hasn't been heard from AWAL's Liv Hanna before. However, the thought-provoking lyrics and powerful, heartfelt vocals that are typical of a Liv Hanna record are present in "Endgame." "Endgame" balances the poignant theme with chill, Tropical House sounds.

The song details the point in a relationship when one weighs staying or leaving. "'Endgame' weaves a narrative of internal conflict and indecisiveness, capturing the heartache of deciding whether to stay or part ways in a relationship," ASPEN states. Liv Hanna further explains, "'Endgame' highlights the emotional turmoil that often accompanies profound connections."

ASPEN not only produced the record, but he also co-wrote "Endgame" alongside Liv Hanna; thus, showcasing his versatility and diverse talents. The dynamic duo's masterpiece demonstrates the magic of collaboration and has fans hoping that "Endgame" isn't the end for the pair.



Miami-based ASPEN is not just a DJ and producer - he's an institution in the vibrant nightlife of one of the world’s most electric cities. Known for his dynamic sets and pulse-pounding beats, ASPEN is a perennial favorite at Miami's top nightclubs, where his performances are synonymous with unforgettable nights out. However, ASPEN's influence extends far beyond the local scene. With performances in eight different countries and over fifteen cities worldwide, he has captivated audiences on a global scale, bringing his unique blend of energy and rhythm to every corner of the dance music world. Whether in the heart of Europe or the beaches of Southeast Asia, ASPEN's music transcends boundaries, making him a beloved figure in the international DJ community. The rising talent has ventured off of the stage and has now begun releasing singles for his fans to play on a loop. ASPEN has already been featured on various media outlets and continues to demonstrate exactly why he has become a global phenom.  

Liv Hanna:

New York native Liv Hanna is a 21-year-old singer-songwriter, recording artist, and model. She is currently based in Miami, FL. The songbird carries a tool kit laden with emotional angst, fermented in Pop, Alt-Pop, Dark Pop, and Pop Rock sensibilities. Known for her expansive vocal range and clever, resonating songwriting, Liv Hanna has garnered attention from countless media outlets such as the Metropolitan Magazine, Rolling Stone IN, RTÉ, EARMILK, CelebMix, BroadwayWorld, and BuzzFeed. Liv Hanna has a slew of singles slated to be released this year. She is well on her way to superstardom, and this year will prove that the limelight isn't too bright for the rising star.

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Release Summary

Miami-based DJ and producer ASPEN collaborates with New York native singer-songwriter Liv Hanna on a new single 'Endgame', out now.

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