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Sia, joined by a young child sporting her signature oversized wig with a giant pink bow, graces the cover of the 'Reasonable Woman' album
Is Sia's "Reasonable Woman" Her Best Album Yet? Album Review

Sia's back, and she's bringing all the feels. From the empowering anthems like "Little Wings" to the raw vulnerability of "Rock and Balloon", this album is a journey. Get ready to dance, cry, and maybe even find a little bit of yourself in these tracks.

Dua Lipa takes a deep dive wearing a black one-piece swimsuit, with flowing auburn red hair on an alternative cover art for her 3rd studio album 'Radical Optimism'.
Dua Lipa - 'Radical Optimism': Album Review

Radical Optimism finds Dua Lipa in a new era of polish and confidence, a shift from her earlier, more unfiltered releases.

Debbii Dawson wearing black suit and holding a mirror on a cover art of 'Happy World' single
Debbii Dawson, 'Happy World': Single Review

Debbii Dawson's 'Happy World' delivers a striking blend of '80s disco and introspective pop, while navigating a whirlwind of emotions.

Young Miko with a sleek hairstyle, wearing 3-piece suit
Young Miko Announces 2024 XOXO Tour Dates Across the US

Young Miko has announced her 2024 tour dates across the United States, featuring performances in several major cities.

PEGGY wearing romantic dress and flower tiara, surrounded by books, cat tattoo, on a cover of 'Dear Reader' EP
PEGGY, 'Dear Reader' EP Review

PEGGY explores themes of mental health, resilience, and self-love through poetic storytelling and powerful vocals, creating a compelling indie-pop experience with her 'DEAR READER' EP.

PEGGY (Peggy Owens) in a sky blue dress, tea party in a field, chamomile in her lips.
PEGGY Reveals Debut EP 'DEAR READER' | Complete Lyrics List

Get ready to sing along with PEGGY to her tracks: FEMININE RAGE, ALICE, MESS, FLIGHT RISK, 30 SECOND LOVE STORY, and DEAR READER from her debut EP.

Portrait of Teddy Swims wearing a brown suit, hat, and glasses for the Dolce Magazine photoshoot
New Music Friday: Featuring Normani and Gunna, Teddy Swims, Myke Towers and Bad Bunny, ZICO and JENNIE, Stephen Sanchez, and More...

Explore the latest hits in our New Music Friday feature, showcasing diverse new releases from Teddy Swims' soulful depths to St. Vincent's self-produced brilliance, and more—there's a fresh track for every playlist!

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