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Megan Thee Stallion hatching from the egg on the cover of 'Megan' album.
Megan Thee Stallion Reveals Tracklist for Upcoming Album 'MEGAN', Out June 28

Houston rapper Megan Thee Stallion has unveiled the tracklist for her highly anticipated third studio album, "MEGAN," set to release on June 28, featuring collaborations with artists like Kyle Richh, Yuki Shiba, GloRilla, UGK, and Victoria Monet.

Soft and sensual portrait of Sabrina Carpenter on a golden background, 'Short n' Sweet Tour' announcement
Everything You Need to Know About Sabrina Carpenter's 'Short n' Sweet' Tour: Presale and Tour Dates

Discover how to secure your spot for Sabrina Carpenter's highly anticipated North American tour, including key presale details and VIP package options.

Spotify includes Sabrina Carpenter's 'Please Please Please' on unrelated playlists, users frustrated, accuse Spotify in payola
ALL Top 50 Artists on Spotify Have Sabrina Carpenter's 'Please Please Please' at Number 2 on Their Artist or Song Radios

Sabrina Carpenter's latest single, "Please Please Please," has taken the Spotify world by storm, securing the number 2 spot on the artist and song radios of Spotify's top 50 artists.

Camila Cabello in music video 'HE KNOWS' ft. Lil Nas X, ahead of C, XOXO release
Camila Cabello Drops "C, XOXO" Tracklist: Miami Baddie Era Begins

Camila Cabello drops the full tracklist for her upcoming album C, XOXO, out June 28, featuring high-profile collaborations with Playboi Carti, Lil Nas X, and Drake.

Ariana Grande makes a love potion to seduce Penn Badgley in 'the boy is mine' music video
Ariana Grande Unleashes Her Inner Catwoman in 'The Boy Is Mine' Music Video With Penn Badgley, Brandy, and Monica

Ariana Grande’s "The Boy Is Mine" music video with Penn Badgley, Monica and Brandy , released on June 7th, has already hit over 16 million views on YouTube, blending fantasy and humor in a playful, cinematic experience that has everyone talking.

Ice Spice, Y2K, cover art. out July 26
Ice Spice Announces Debut Album "Y2K" and World Tour: All Dates Inside

Ice Spice electrifies fans with the announcement of her debut album "Y2K," dropping July 26, and a headlining world tour kicking off on July 4.

Sabrina Carpenter wearing G. Ballard for 2024 MET Gala
Sabrina Carpenter Announces New Single 'Please Please Please' Out June 6

Sabrina Carpenter stuns fans with the announcement of her new single "Please Please Please," dropping June 6th, just ahead of her highly anticipated album "Short n’ Sweet" set for August 23rd release.

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