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May 4, 2024

Early Life

Sia Kate Isobelle Furler, known mononymously as Sia, was born on December 18, 1975, in Adelaide, South Australia. She is the daughter of Phil Colson, a musician, and Loene Furler, an art lecturer. Sia grew up in a creative environment, which deeply influenced her artistic development. She attended Adelaide High School and was part of the acid jazz band Crisp in the mid-1990s. The band released two albums, Word and the Deal (1996) and Delerium (1997). Following the disbandment of Crisp, Sia decided to pursue a solo career.

Career Beginnings

Sia's solo career began in the late 1990s when she moved to London. Her debut solo album, OnlySee, was released in 1997 but did not achieve major commercial success. It was during her time in the UK that she contributed vocals to the British duo Zero 7, becoming well-known for her performances on tracks like "Destiny" and "Distractions" from their albums Simple Things (2001) and When It Falls (2004).

In 2000, Sia signed a recording contract with Sony Music's sub-label Dance Pool and released her second studio album, Healing Is Difficult (2001), which blended retro jazz and soul music with a contemporary edge. The album was inspired largely by the death of her first significant boyfriend, Dan Pontifex. One of the tracks from the album, "Taken for Granted," was a top 10 hit in the UK. This initial success led to heightened exposure, but Sia struggled with her growing fame.

Mainstream Breakthrough

Sia's third album, Colour the Small One (2004), marked a significant shift in her music style, featuring a more downtempo, acoustic-oriented sound. Despite its critical acclaim, the album did not initially perform well commercially, especially in the UK and Australia. However, several tracks from the album gained traction in the United States after being featured in TV shows, such as "Breathe Me" in the finale of Six Feet Under, which significantly boosted her exposure in North America.

Following this unexpected success, Sia moved to the United States and began to focus more on her career in the American market. In 2008, she released her fourth album, Some People Have Real Problems, which debuted in the top 30 on the Billboard 200. This album included hit singles like "Soon We'll Be Found" and "The Girl You Lost to Cocaine."

Artistic Developments and Further Success

Sia continued her upward trajectory with the 2010 release of We Are Born. The album, featuring more upbeat tones and pop influences compared to her earlier works, included successful tracks like "Clap Your Hands." The album won the ARIA Music Award for Best Pop Release and Best Independent Release.

However, despite her growing success, Sia struggled with the pressures of fame, grappling with drug and alcohol addiction, which she later overcame. She also contemplated retiring from performing to focus solely on songwriting and composing. During this period, she penned songs for many other artists, writing hits such as "Titanium" for David Guetta, "Diamonds" for Rihanna, and "Wild Ones" for Flo Rida.

Commercial Peak and Directorial Debut

Sia's career reached new heights with the release of her sixth studio album, 1000 Forms of Fear, in 2014. The album debuted at No. 1 on the U.S Billboard 200 and was marked by the globally acclaimed single "Chandelier." The song, which showcased her powerful vocals and personal songwriting, received numerous awards and nominations and became a staple on music charts worldwide.

Following this, Sia adopted her now-iconic public persona, where she often performs with her face obscured by large wigs or hats, a move designed to maintain her privacy and create a separation between her public and private lives.

In 2016, she released This Is Acting, an album comprised of songs originally written for other artists. Hits like "Cheap Thrills" (her first Billboard Hot 100 number-one single as a lead artist) and "The Greatest" solidified her status as a top-tier pop artist.

In addition to her music career, Sia made her directorial debut with the musical drama film Music in 2021, which she also co-wrote and produced. The film, featuring themes of autism and the importance of caregiving, sparked significant controversy and dialogue regarding its portrayal of autistic individuals.


In 2019, the supergroup LSD—comprising Australian singer-songwriter Sia, British musician Labrinth, and American producer Diplo—released their debut and only studio album, Labrinth, Sia & Diplo Present... LSD. The project was born from a fusion of each artist's distinctive musical style, merging Sia’s powerful vocal narratives, Labrinth’s eclectic musicality, and Diplo’s sharp production skills. This collaboration led to an album characterized by a psychedelic pop sound that blends elements of pop, electronic dance music, and hip hop, with an overarching playful and experimental vibe.

The album features hit singles such as "Genius," "Thunderclouds," and "No New Friends," each showcasing the dynamic synergy between the trio. Critics praised the album for its creativity and the seamless integration of diverse musical elements that each artist brought to the table. Commercially, the album and its singles enjoyed considerable success, particularly "Thunderclouds," which became a staple on global music charts.

Reasonable Woman

Reasonable Woman is the tenth studio album by Australian singer-songwriter Sia, released by Monkey Puzzle and Atlantic Records on 3 May 2024. The album was preceded by the singles "Gimme Love", "Dance Alone", "Incredible", and features collaborations with several artists.Produced by Jesse Shatkin and Greg Kurstin (known for his work on Adele’s '30'), "Reasonable Woman" features an expansive list of collaborators. The album consists of 15 tracks with a runtime of just under 50 minutes. You can read PopFiltr' review of the album here.

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Sia, joined by a young child sporting her signature oversized wig with a giant pink bow, graces the cover of the 'Reasonable Woman' album
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